Amazing Health Benefits of Cissus Quadrangularis!

Written by John Furnish

On September 23, 2020
My Personal Encounter With Cissus

Thirteen years ago, I was morbidly obese and working very hard at learning how to lose weight – for good – and to do it in a healthy manner that would help make that triumph a long-term success. It took me eighteen months to drop the better part of 200 pounds, and when I was done, I was 42 years old. Along the way, I learned that I needed to take care of my joints and fascia tissue, having learned that those who engage in heavy weightlifting who don’t take care of their joints and tendons pay a difficult price later in life.

Alarmed, I asked my personal trainer about how to sidestep this problem, and she recommended to me a natural herb called cissus quadrangularis. This herb grows mainly in southeast Asia and is used (in the west) in powdered form, generally in capsules. (The first thing I will say is that I have used it in both uncapsuled powdered form (which is cheaper) and in capsuled form, and I encourage the reader to spend the extra couple of dollars and use it in capsule form, as powdered form will cause waste of much of the product and because uncapsuled, it tastes and smells quite unpleasant.)

Cissus, despite having the olfactory ambience of old leather, is highly beneficial in aiding anyone in protecting their motility and mobility by providing a nutritional
solution to joint and tendon wear and to a mild extent, injury. I say the latter from my own experience. (Note I am not a doctor.)

However, when I was asked by my employer to discuss my own experience in fighting high blood pressure using natural herbal solutions, I looked at my apothecary and realized that my long use of cissus was likely part of my success not only in preserving my knees (one issue is an old bike injury and subsequent meniscus surgery),but also my struggle against the high blood pressure that runs in my father’s family.

Research Availability

One caveat: there isn’t very much research available on cissus at all. While there are some studies, there are not many and they have uniformly been small-scale in terms of subject participants. Also, as the FDA generally does not regulate the health supplement industry (flag shipped largely by the ubiquitous GNC and Vitamin Shoppe stores in almost every community), the government and its experts do not have much to say about cissus themselves.

Thus, the word about the benefits of cissus has generally spread by word-of-mouth and personal investigation. Additionally, I only learned that many of the studies on cissus have been in context of its effects on blood pressure once I began researching for this article.

So, what exactly can I tell you that cissus can do for you in this nearly universal battle against high blood pressure?

Cissus has been applied as a treatment for many conditions beyond fascial health treating ailments such as: hemorrhoids, gout, asthma,allergies. In recent times researchers have attributed cissus as a treatment for bone health and chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

In fact, this last grouping of health conditions is often known as’metabolic syndrome’, which makes sense as they affect the body’s ‘power train’, particularly the heart and cardiovascular system.

The component conditions of Metabolic Syndrome include excess belly fat, high blood sugar, increased sugar, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and finally high
blood pressure.

Case Studies

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In studies, cissus was particularly effective when taken in conjunction with other micro-nutrients, such as green tea, selenium and chromium. However, several studies indicate that cissus must be taken in combination with other such treatments to be truly effective on Metabolic Syndrome and associated conditions. Cissus was demonstrated in some studies to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressures as well as acting as a restorative for general blood statistics, administered as a single 300 milligram dose daily.

A recent product, CalZbone, which contains cissus quadrangularis, has been packaged with many other micronutrients such as those used with cissus in the above-
mentioned studies to address a large variety of conditions. While CalZbone primarily addresses problems with bone mass, particularly for aging persons, it is also shown to parallel the success of use of cissus in conjunction with other solutions.

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