How RESPeRATE works

RESPeRATE is a medical device that uses patented melody-guided breathing technology to relax constricted blood vessels and lower blood pressure.


RESPeRATE’s breathing sensor belt picks up your inhale and exhale movements.


RESPeRATE transforms your breathing into tones that gradually guide you to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing.


Just breathe with the guiding tones. RESPeRATE is fully adaptive. Should you not follow the tones, RESPeRATE will adjust the melody to sync with you and begin the slowing process again.


With each exhalation, elevated sympathetic activity is reduced, opening up blood vessels to lower blood pressure.


The beneficial impact accumulates after each session. Within three to four weeks, a significant, lasting reduction in blood pressure occurs.

RESPeRATE Ultra - lower blood pressure naturally - no side effects

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RESPeRATE & Lowering Blood Pressure

What is RESPeRATE?

RESPeRATE, the world’s only FDA-cleared, non-drug hypertension treatment device.

  • Clinically proven to deliver sustained reduction in high blood pressure within 8 weeks.
  • Doctor recommended for 19 years
  • Safe to use in conjunction with medications.
  • No sides effects, aside from better sleep
  • Over 250,000 users

Why and How RESPeRATE Lowers Blood Pressure?

RESPeRATE is a medical device that uses patented device-guided breathing technology to relax constricted blood vessels and lower blood pressure.
For more details see our product demonstration video
RESPeRATE taps the body’s natural tendency to follow musical rhythms. RESPeRATE analyzes the breathing pattern and composes, in real time, a personalized melody with two distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones. By gradually prolonging the exhalation tone, RESPeRATE leads the patient to the therapeutic zone of 5-7 breaths per minute with prolonged exhalation guiding tones. After each session of device guided breathing, respiration returns to normal, but the beneficial impact on blood pressure accumulates and is maintained with routine use.
In scientific terms, RESPeRATE works by reducing sympathetic neural activity, and creating a sustained decrease in peripheral resistance and arterial stiffness.

I have very high blood pressure. Will RESPeRATE still help me?

Absolutely. In fact, RESPeRATEs’ clinical studies have demonstrated a normalizing effect – People with higher initial blood pressure got a larger reduction. For example people with initial systolic blood pressure over 160 points had a 25.6 point average reduction whereas people with initial blood pressure of less than 150 points had a 9.6 point reduction. See more information on our Clinical Proof page. Please note, RESPeRATE is for chronic high blood pressure and not an acute treatment. If you feel your blood pressure spiked to dangerous levels contact your doctor immediately.

What is the recommended course of treatment for RESPeRATE?

Studies have shown RESPeRATE delivers significant blood pressure reductions when it is used for 15 minutes at a time, at least three to four times per week, in order to attain 40 or more minutes of slow breathing (<10 breaths per minute) with prolonged exhalation per week. Additional use has shown to provide further blood pressure reductions, and there is no danger of using the device too much. So, we recommend using RESPeRATE daily.

How long does it take to realize a decrease in blood pressure from using RESPeRATE?

In clinical trials, most patients saw the bulk of the results after just three to four weeks of treatment. Further reductions accumulate with consistent use.

How long do the effects of using RESPeRATE last?

Clinical studies show that RESPeRATE can provide a sustained all-day reduction in blood pressure with regular use. As with other physical exercises, the benefits will not be maintained over time without continued routine use. Compliance is good as most patients find RESPeRATE relaxing and pleasant to use.

Can RESPeRATE be used with medications? Can it replace my medications?

RESPeRATE can be safely used alongside medications. The blood pressure reductions delivered by RESPeRATE are on top of medication and/or lifestyle modifications. Furthermore, working with their doctors, many RESPeRATE users have been able to avoid additional medications, reduce dosage, and in some cases eliminate them. Please note, we strongly recommend that you do not modify your hypertension treatments without the advice and consent of your doctor.

Can the breathing exercises be performed alone, without the device?

No, it’s not as easy as it sounds. In order to lower your blood pressure, breathing must be specifically paced with prolonged exhalation, and without effort. Even the simplest breathing exercises, such as counting, reciting a mantra, or consciously observing one’s breathing, requires concentration which is effort. RESPeRATE does the work for you by using rhythmic tones to guide breathing interactively. This slows breathing without a conscious effort. So, while unaided breathing techniques can have a relaxing effect, RESPeRATE has been proven through clinical studies to deliver a significant and lasting effect on high blood pressure.

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