May 15, 2022

RESPeRATE and Congestive Heart Failure

RESPeRATE and Congestive Heart Failure

RESPeRATE and Congestive Heart Failure

RESPeRATE CHF Study Results

A peer-reviewed article published in “Clinical Research in Cardiology” reported on a 6-months clinical study with two-year follow-up. The new study validates, for the first time, the sustained long-time beneficial effects of RESPeRATE therapy on severe heart failure patients.

But you are probably asking yourself, “Why should I care?” You should care because 91% of heart failure patients have a history of hypertension (for more on what is heart failure is click here). Another reason we believe it is important is that it provides more clinical evidence on just how powerful RESPeRATE therapy truly is.

According to the study results, while using RESPeRATE none of these severe, high-risk heart failure patients experienced worsening of the condition, hospital admissions or death.

More Study Results

RESPeRATE improved their cardiorespiratory capacity, functional performance, and basically slowed the progression of the condition.

The colored chart visualizes one of the parameters used to measure improvement in heart failure patients. Their exercise level as measured by how far a patient was able to walk in six minutes.

improvement in heart failure patients

At the beginning of the study, only 32% of the participants were able to achieve level 4 activity. This is the highest level attainable for heart failure patients. Within 3 months 52% of participants were able to achieve level 4 activity performance and a staggering 64% of participant have done so in month 6…

The study replicated the prior three 8-weeks heart failure studies which used RESPeRATE but extended results to 6-month and two-year follow-up.

Personally, for us, the sad part of this study was the realization that four patients of the control group, once they had been removed from using RESPeRATE, suffered decompensation, hospitalization and two of whom eventually died.

Clearly, the evidence supports that we have to do more to bring the RESPeRATE therapy into the heart failure patient population. While the US FDA allows heart failure patients to use RESPeRATE to treat their hypertension or stress, it doesn’t have a specific heart failure therapy indication…

To read the full-text article see here

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