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July 17, 2022

On Holistic Cardiology & RESPeRATE

Man having blood pressure checked

On Holistic Cardiology & RESPeRATE

Dr. Cynthia, MD

Dr. Cynthia, one of the top doctors in Los Angeles, is a Harvard-trained* holistic cardiologist who practices with her heart. She helps replace stress, fear, and anxiety in patients by instilling a sense of inner calm and peace. She educates and inspires clients to take proactive steps toward health and healing. Her team has helped thousands of people transform their lives through the ways they think, feel, and act.

Naturopathic cardiologist Dr. Cynthia has known that she would serve this calling since the age of five, after accompanying her physician mother to the medical clinic in their home country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. There, she witnessed the pure hands-on art of healing, free from the modern-day challenges of drugs, bureaucracy, and the threat of malpractice.

This experience laid dormant deep within her as she navigated her American life, completed her modern medical training at Harvard Medical School, and subsequently began practicing Western medicine. It wasn’t until the opening of her own wellness center three years ago—where she guided her patients to experience tremendous improvement in their health and well-being through integrative lifestyle practices that focused on weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and spiritual practices—that those early childhood memories of the art of self-directed healing were reawakened.

She is often described as one of the best Los Angeles heart specialists, Dr. Cynthia is a holistic cardiologist and functional medicine doctor who listens to her patients, asking questions about your lifestyle, environmental exposures, and genetic influences that may cause poor health. She takes into account every risk factor including cholesterol levels, genetic risk for heart disease, even past heart failure.

Dr. Cynthias Education:

  • Harvard-trained cardiologist, as noted by Providence, St. Joseph Medical Center Hospital.
  • University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine – MD degree
  • Beth Israel Hospital – Internal Medicine training
  • Massachusetts General Hospital – research fellow
  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital – Cardiology fellowship

Dr. Cynthia is also the author of the amazing book: Your Vibrant Heart: Restoring Health, Strength, and Spirit From The Body’s Core.

In Your Vibrant Heart, you will discover:

  • How to recognize warning symptoms and your risk of heart disease
  • Strategies to improve your health, nutritional status and detoxify your body
  • Tips to gain physical strength and improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Steps to achieve mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment
  • Keys to allow abundance, health, wealth, and wisdom into your life
  • How to harness positive affirmations
  • How to achieve heightened energy and increased creativity

Life is a gift, and good health and a good heart should be our most prized possessions. Yet many people fail to treasure their health and their hearts until those blessings are gone. In Your Vibrant Heart, acclaimed cardiologist Dr. Cynthia Thaik explores the dynamic growth and healing processes of our ever-evolving hearts. Forging the missing links between Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Cynthia covers the wisdom of conventional practices and beyond, unearthing a mind-body connection that takes us to the edge of what we thought we knew and placing the power of healing back in the hands of patients.

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