General Tso Cauliflower.

This week we want to try a meatless Monday heart healthy recipe. Styled from the “General Tso Chicken” recipe we hope you try this heart healthy alternative.

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Pickled Garlic – Sweetening the Medicine

Garlic is known to lower blood pressure, but it comes with a twist. Many have a problem with the strong taste and smell. Pickled Garlic, though, makes it more favorable, taking out the smells and adding flavors. Try this recipe below an add some garlic to many of your recipes.

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Try This Weekend: Grilled Lamb Chop & Ginger.

With spring time here it means it is a great time to start firing up…

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types of hypertension

Types of Hypertension – Understanding the differences

When people are discussing hypertension they are usually referring to primary hypertension or secondary hypertension. These two types of hypertension account for about 90% of all hypertension cases.

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Meditation: It’s Not For Hippies Anymore.

A lot of people think mediation is just for hippies or mystics, but we are here to tell you that’s not the case.

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Roasted Beet with Wild Arugula & Goat Cheese Salad.

Roasted beets, raw beets, and juiced are a great way to lower your blood pressure. Beets contain nitric-oxide. Nitric-oxide helps relax the blood vessels in the body.

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home remedies for high blood pressure

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Generally the first line of defense for hypertension is drug therapy. But before starting drug therapy, try lifestyle changes and some home remedies for high blood pressure.

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Ask Dr. Rowena – Prescription Assistance

This Week Dr. Rowena discusses Prescription medicine costs and how you may be assisted by your doctor to lower these costs.

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Aqua Aerobic Exercise Helps Reduce High Blood Pressure.

Now we do know that exercise helps reduce blood pressure, and causes weight loss. So we could surmise that water aerobics could lower your blood pressure.

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Isometric Exercises To Reduce Blood Pressure .

Can simple Isometric hand grip exercises reduce blood pressure? Too good to be true? What does the Science say?

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Grilled Herb Scallops With Balsamic Syrup.

Gremolata, a herb condiment made with chopped parsley, minced garlic, and lemon peel, is the base for this quick marinade.

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Can Xanax Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Can Xanax Help Lower Your High Blood Pressure?

Can Xanax Help Lower Blood Pressure? The answer is both yes and no. Xanax is able to lower blood pressure if your are suffering from Stress induced anxiety.

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Ask Dr. Rowena – My Diet and RESPeRATE Effectiveness

This Week Dr. Rowena discusses a customer’s question: “Should I watch what I eat for RESPeRATE to be effective?”

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Heart Healthy Chicken Fajitas.

We are always on the look out for simple but hearty and heart healthy recipes to share with our readers. Today’s recipe embraces a little Tex-Mex cooking that is sure to tantalize your taste-buds

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marijuana lower blood pressure

Does Marijuana Lower Blood Pressure?

Marijuana has been used throughout the ages as a medicinal, as well as an recreational plant. But does marijuana lower blood pressure?

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