High Aldosterone Levels Causes High Blood Pressure In Women

A recent study by the Medical College of Georgia found that medications to block the…

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normal blood pressure reading

What is a Normal Blood Pressure?

This week’s question is from Liam M, in San Jose CA: What is a normal…

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Spanakopita A Heart Healthy Recipe

Want to enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean dish that is heart healthy? This is one of…

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Lower blood pressure

Ask Dr. Rowena – Blood Pressure Cuff Accuracy Research

This Week Dr. Rowena discusses blood pressure cuff measurement accuracy according to the latest research.

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high blood pressure medication

High Blood Pressure: is Medication Always the Answer?

Because of potential harmful side effects, lifestyle methods are preferable to antihypertensive medications.

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basil to lower high blood pressure

Does Basil Help With High Blood Pressure?

Basil is a delicious herb that blends well with many foods. It is a native plant in Iran, India, and other tropical parts of Asia, however, it has been made widely available in the world.

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Seared Heart Healthy Scallops With Snow Peas and Orange

Enjoy these scrumptious heart healthy scallops. Pan seared scallops with snow peas and orange. I…

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Is Dairy Heart Healthy?

Thanks to our creative ingenuity and perhaps related to our ancient survival needs, we have adopted the dubious habit of drinking another species’ milk.

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High Blood Pressure? 7 Natural Remedies to Lower It Fast

About 80 million Americans over age 20, 1 in 3 adults, have high blood pressure,…

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How to Slow Your Beating Heart: Beans vs. Exercise?

Slowing your heart rate increases your life-span.

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Heart Healthy Chocolate Chip & Cherry Cookies

Everyone loves cookies. But now with these heart cookies everyone and I mean everyone can enjoy this treat.

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best blood pressure monitor

What Is The Best Blood Pressure Monitor To Buy?

There are both pros and cons to the wrist and arm blood pressure monitors and here they are.

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How High Blood Pressure Reacts To The “Pet Affect”

Research in human-dog interactions shows that talking to and petting a dog are accompanied by lower blood pressure.

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Dr. Mercola: Natural Tips to Control Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

This weeks video shows natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola shares tips…

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Mediterranean Chicken With Feta Topping

Serve this flavorful dish with crusty whole grain bread or over cooked orzo or rice…

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