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What is RESPeRATE?

What is RESPeRATE?
Can the breathing exercises be performed alone, without the device?
I have very high blood pressure. Will RESPeRATE still help me?
What is the recommended course of treatment for RESPeRATE?
How long does it take to realize a decrease in blood pressure from using RESPeRATE?
How long do the effects of using RESPeRATE last?
Is RESPeRATE the same as yoga or meditation?
Can RESPeRATE be used with medications? Can it replace my medications?
Is RESPeRATE safe?
Is RESPeRATE covered by Health Insurance?
Can I share my RESPeRATE with family member?

How and Why Does RESPeRATE Work?

How Does RESPeRATE work?
Why does RESPeRATE work?


How do I change the volume on the device?
How do I change the melody on the device?
How do I know where to position the sensor and sensor belt?
How long should the recognition stage take?
What is the Information button?
How long should it take me to start breathing under ten breaths per minute
What happens if I can’t slow my breathing to follow the device?
Am I supposed to lengthen my exhalation period when conducting the breathing exercises?
Whom should I contact for help with my device?
What if I already start with a breathing rate of less than 10 breaths per minute (BPM)?
How often should I use RESPeRATE?
How do I know if I am doing the exercise properly?
What is the meaning of the number displayed on the screen when the device is turned on?
How do I change the duration of the session of the RESPeRATE device?
How long before I will see results?
I measured my blood pressure (BP) immediately following the breathing exercise with RESPeRATE and my BP was somewhat elevated. Is that normal?
How can I maximize the benefits from using RESPeRATE?

2breathe: Sleep Inducer

Is 2breathe Right For Me

What is 2breathe?
How is 2breathe different from other sleep trackers, apps, programs or other aids?
Why is 2breathe better than breathing slowly on my own?
I don’t have bad sleep issues, but I do feel like I could use more and better sleep. Can 2breathe help me?
I have severe sleeplessness issues. How will 2breathe help me?
I take pills to help me sleep, can I still use 2breathe?
I’m sensitive to music & any type of noise before going to sleep. Can I still use 2breathe?
Can I share my 2breathe with a friend/spouse?
Which devices are compatible with 2breathe?
Can more than one person use the same device?
Can my child use 2breathe?
Is there anyone who shouldn’t use 2breathe?
I am a sleep researcher, where can I get more information about 2breathe?

How & Why Does 2breathe Work?

How does 2breathe work?
Why does 2breathe work? (the scientific version)
Is 2breathe medically certified?
Can anyone use 2breathe? Are there any side effects?

Using The App

How do I best use 2breathe to improve my sleep?
How do I download the 2breathe app?
How long is each session?
Can I make a session shorter/longer?
How often should I use the app?
When should I use the app?
What is a sleep diary and when do I need to do it?
I feel like I need more guidance than I’m given during a session. Is this possible?
What do I do if I wake up at night and want to go back to sleep?
The session ends and I am not asleep. What do I do?
I fall asleep, but the sensor bothers me at night. What can I do?
What does my session data mean?
I didn’t fall asleep but the program thinks I did. Why?
I wear thick pajamas and use heavy blankets. Will the sensor still pick up my breathing?
I sleep on my stomach… can I still use 2breathe?
How do I get app updates?

Purchasing, Shipping, Taxes, Returns


Where can I buy 2breathe and RESPeRATE?
What forms of payment do you accept?
When is my credit card charged?
How do I know my transaction is secure?
Is my personal information secure?
Who do I contact for billing or payment?

Shipping and Taxes

Where do you ship from?
What are your shipping rates?
Is my package insured?
Do you ship to PO boxes?
Do you ship to international addresses?

Money back guarantee, Returns, Privacy, Terms & Conditions and other policies

What is your privacy policy?
Is there a money back guarantee? What is the return policy?
What is the Warranty policy?



How to Use RESPeRATE

Presenting RESPeRATE to Patients


2breathe: Sleep Inducer


Overview Tutorial

Session Tutorial

Meditate Tutorial

Wear & Position

Battery Replacement


RESPeRATE Clinical Brochure

RESPeRATE printable Log book

Resperate 152 User manual (English)

RESPeRATE 152 Quick guide (English)

RESPeRATE 152 Welcome letter (English)

RESPeRATE 152 Quick guide (Hebrew)

RESPeRATE 152 User manuals (Hebrew)

2breathe: Sleep Inducer

2breathe product page

2breathe iOS app

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