Cardiologist Hypertension therapy expert
Dr. Joseph Marek, M.D., Cardiologist

I am Dr. Joseph Marek. I am a cardiologist working in a single specialty cardiology practice. There are about 45 of us and we practice in the western suburbs of Chicago. I happen to be the cardiologist in the practice who specializes in hypertension so I see the bulk of all the hypertensive patients.

I think where the biggest concern I have in managing hypertension patient is not with the number of drugs we have, because there is a great number of drugs, with new ones coming out each year, but making sure the patient is compliant with their medications and lifestyle changes.

I heard about RESPeRATE because there was a press release about a year and a half ago and when that came out I looked up the article about it and I was pretty impressed with the preliminary results. I think that in my practice there were a number of patients that I thought might be suitable candidates for RESPeRATE . They used it and their acceptance of it was very good.

I started employing it with other patients with favorable results. Favorable from the standpoint that there acceptance of using the wwwice was very good. Many of the patients really liked it. The where looking for something that was an alternative to taking more medications and they have had improvements in the blood pressure.

RESPeRATE is one of those things that allows us to have the patient play a greater role in their care. Instead of being passive with me saying “here’s a prescription go and take this and do what I tell you.” The patients are able to use RESPeRATE. I think the management of the hypertensive patient is not just about taking medication but it is multifaceted approach. With lifestyle changes, medication, and getting them compliant I believe RESPeRATE fits in there as one of those approaches.


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