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A Proven Non-Drug Hypertension Treatment

RESPeRATE’s clinical evidence is ranked #1 after diet and exercise by American Heart Association [1].

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Home Systolic Blood Pressure Change (% of 8 wk reduction) [10]

All-day Long, Sustained, Blood Pressure Reductions in 3-4 Weeks

RESPeRATE safety and efficacy in lowering blood pressure were demonstrated repeatedly in 16 separate clinical research studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals [2-8,10-19]

RESPeRATE delivers a significant, all-day long, sustained reduction in blood pressure, when measured at the office [2-18], at home [3-7, 9, 12-13, 17] and even with 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor [4, 10, 19].

RESPeRATEs’ clinical evidence won it the world’s only FDA clearance for non-drug treatment of hypertension.

Improved sleep was the only “side effect” reported by over 250,000 patients and doctors in the past 15 years.

“The overall evidence from clinical trials and meta-analyses suggests that device-guided slow breathing can significantly lower blood pressure.”

American Heart Association Scientific Statement Brook RC et al. 2013;61(6):1360-1383.

Found safe & effective in wide range of patients

RESPeRATE was found safe and effective in populations ranging from controlled patients to refractory hypertensives [5].

The studies performed in the US, Europe, Middle East, and the Far East also found it was effective in patients with comorbidities as diabetes [9, 11, 17, 19,] obstructive sleep apnea [14]

Weighted average from the 16 studies [2-8,10-19] was 10/5 mmHg sustained office BP reduction in adults both with controlled and uncontrolled BP.

BP reductions were independent of gender and medications status.

Safe & Effective for the most severe patients

Studies [2-8,10-11] showed that patients over 65 saw greater BP reductions averaging 16/7 mmHg.

They also demonstrated that patients with stage 2 hypertension (systolic BP>160 mmHg) saw larger reductions averaging 17/7 mmHg.

Greater reductions with greater use

The randomized controlled study that won RESPeRATE it’s FDA-clearance for use without a prescription (OTC) demonstrated that slow breathing was the “active component” and a “dose-response.”

Using RESPeRATE for only 45 minutes a week of slow breathing delivers a significant blood pressure reductions.

Using RESPeRATE more yields an even larger reduction.

Proven to Dilates Blood Vessels

Four studies demonstrated the physiological mechanism of action behind RESPeRATE effects. See scheme in [22].

The studies demonstrated that RESPeRATE delivers an acute reduction of the sympathetic neural activity [18, 20, 21], resulting among other things in a sustained decrease in peripheral resistance and arterial stiffness [15,34,35].

Benefits beyond blood pressure

Beyond the 16 clinical studies in hypertension, independent researchers around the world are continuing to harness the cardiovascular and neurological benefits of RESPeRATE.

Enclosed is a breakdown of published clinical studies demonstrating that RESPeRATE might be beneficial in the following conditions:

  • Lower neural sympathetic activity: 4 studies [17,19,20,33]
  • Benefit heart-failure patients: 6 studies [20,22-24,32,34].
  • Benefit PTSD and Anxiety patients: 4 studies [26, 33, 28,36]
  • Reduce, chronic stress [27]
  • Benefit COPD patients [25]
  • Improve Insomnia [31]

Please note, that RESPeRATE has been cleared for marketing only for lowering blood pressure and stress.


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