• RESPeRATE, developed by Dr. Benjamin Gavish and his son Erez Gavish, pioneered the area of hypertension treatment devices with its patented device-guided breathing technology.
  • Existing RESPeRATE units were manufactured by InterCure Ltd. (Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange: INCR) the company they founded and led until 2012.
  • Starting November 1st, 2015, the Gavish duo reacquired the RESPeRATE business from InterCure and began servicing U.S. customers via the privately owned Resperate Inc.

RESPeRATE Customer Facts

  • 90% of RESPeRATE owners are satisfied with the device and are still using it regularly after eight to twelve weeks.
  • Two-thirds of owners would definitely recommend RESPeRATE to a friend.
  • 2/3 of owners said that side effects from medications were their primary reason for buying RESPeRATE.
  • 6 out of 10 of aware physicians recommended the product (even prior to its being recommended by American Heart Association in 2014).
  • Source: Ipsos-Vantis market research and on file information

Technology: The Power of Therapeutic Breathing

The cardiovascular and neurological effects of breathing exercises have been known for centuries. In fact, unaided slow breathing is a key element of relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga but is generally considered unproven and impractical for treating chronic diseases such as hypertension and/or heart failure.
The patented device-guided breathing technology ingeniously takes advantage of the human body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms and a patented interactive “feed-forward” concept. The technology composes rhythmic guiding tones, in real time, while measuring the user’s individual respiration pattern.

By dynamically manipulating and recalculating these personalized tones it guides users into a Therapeutic Zone, subliminally, with almost no conscious effort on the user’s part leading to unprecedented efficacy, ease-of-use, and compliance.
Over a dozen well-designed clinical trials prove that RESPeRATE delivers all-day blood pressure reductions beyond concurrent treatments such as medication, diet, and exercises. The significant results enabled InterCure to win the first FDA-clearance for a hypertension treatment device (510K with clinical trials).