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Helping others is what life's all about.

You can inspire countless people struggling with high blood pressure by submitting your own RESPeRATE success story video.
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Real User Story Examples:

Guidelines for doing a quality video

Duration: Great videos are short and sweet. Less than one minute is recommended but take as much time as needed to tell your story.

Background: Choose a place that has a calm and quiet background. Cluttered backgrounds take away from the message you are trying to convey.

Portrait: Use phone/camera in portrait (not landscape) position.

Lighting: Select an area with good lighting. Poor lighting really lowers the quality of the video we want to see your smiling face.

Practice makes perfect: Write down your script. Make as many takes until you feel comfortable with the outcome.


* Then when you feel comfortable with the video you have created submit it by using the add file and the submit button.

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