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While your RESPeRATE is on the way…

Until your RESPeRATE arrives, we recommend you start tracking your blood pressure rate daily so it can be used as a baseline for you to measure your improvement.

Watch the video below to learn more…

* Download printable Logbook to record your blood pressure readings.

RESPeRATE – Welcome

Watch the the welcome video below, to get acquainted with RESPeRATE and how it lowers blood pressure.

Download RESPeRATE’s clinical information kit to print and/or share with your doctor.

RESPeRATE – Pursed Lips Breathing

The following video demonstrates the Pursed Lips Breathing technique for improving your RESPeRATE session results.

RESPeRATE – Tips for Week Three

The following video provides you with important tips on using your RESPeRATE device.

RESPeRATE Weekly Goal and Statistics

The following video discusses your RESPeRATE usage weekly goal and statistics.
What is the weekly goal? How do you achieve it? How to check your usage stats?

Now that you know how to check your RESPeRATE Stats, record them to the online RESPeRATE Tracker and get an immediate feedback.

We will shortly send you a text message with a link to your personal RESPeRATE Tracker. Just click the link and follow the instructions. Good Luck.

Best Time to Use Your RESPeRATE

The following video discuss user’s most frequent questions:

  • When is the best time to use your RESPeRATE device?
  • Can I over do RESPeRATE?
  • What to expect if BP is measure right after the session?

RESPeRATE – Let’s Get Started!

The following videos provides you with guidance for starting to use your new RESPeRATE device. We’ll show you how to unbox RESPeRATE, reviewing everything in the box and how to best use it.

Unboxing RESPeRATE

RESPeRATE – How to use

The following video provides guidance on how to use RESPeRATE for the first time.

RESPeRATE Unboxing

The following video provides guidance to unboxing the RESPeRATE device as it arrives, reviewing everything in the box.

By now your RESPeRATE machine should have arrived or should be arriving in the mail in the next few days. The world’s only FDA cleared medical device for lowering high blood pressure and stress.

So let’s open up the box. First, slide the RESPeRATE out of its case and then lift the lid on the front. The first thing you’ll see is the user manual. Please refer to this guide often and if you have questions again don’t be afraid to call us. Remove the styrofoam cover, inside you will actually find the RESPeRATE unit itself, the main body device. Remove the inside of the styrofoam, underneath you will find the earbuds the, sensor bet, the gray flannel case, and the batteries.

So you have the RESPeRATE machine out of the box. The first thing we want to do is remove the plastic protection on the screen that is placed there while in shipping. RESPeRATE comes with 4 AA batteries so now I’m going to show you how to install the batteries: press on the tab, lift up gently. Now inside is the instructions of which battery post goes where, so please follow the instructions. Then take the prongs, put them inside the top of the machine be – gentle with it – push down, and you’re ready to start.

fitting the hard carry case

For those of you who purchase the deluxe hard carry case, all you need to do is open the lid: your RESPeRATE machine goes here, put the tongue over it, the earphones go on the small carry net on top. The sensor belt will go in the same place but when you put the sensor belt away be cautious that you don’t wrap the wiring around either direction – what you can do is create a short and we don’t want that to happen. Simply fold the belt, put the sensor inside the top of the netting and then gently put the sensor wiring inside, ensuring that you don’t kink it.

Everything fits nicely on top. Close and zip up and your RESPeRATE is protected until the next session.

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