When first time parents find out they are having their first child getting a babies nursery together can be an exciting time. Putting together a new crib, filling it with stuffed animals, bumper pads, a mobile and anything we can think of that will entertain the newest member of our family. I even remember buying a contraption that looked like wheel chocks you could put on an airplane  so it wouldn’t roll away.But now researchers are saying that we are still putting babies to sleep in the wrong position. Putting your newborn to sleep in the wrong position can cause what is known as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). A heart breaking ordeal for any parent. So according to researchers what is the best position to put baby to sleep in?Since the 1990’s, doctors and public health experts have encouraged parents to put infants to sleep on their backs, keep soft bedding out of the crib, and take other “safe sleep” measures. “The problem is that the message is not getting through,” according to the Journal of Pediatrics study published August 15th.  As parents and protectors of this smallest member of our family we need to educate ourselves on how to keep our baby safe. Click Here To Read The Full Article 

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