Inventor of RESPeRATE to lower blood pressure

Dr. Benjamin Gavish

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Gavish is a world-renowned multidisciplinary biophysicist, an active researcher in blood vessels and blood-pressure-related phenomena. He invented and patented novel methods and devices for physiological monitoring and for generating beneficial interventions of different conditions, amongst them the RESPeRATE for treating hypertension.

He is a former president of the Israeli Society for Microcirculation, and an active member in the European and Israeli Societies of Hypertension, Association for Research into Arterial Structure and Physiology (ARTERY), the International Society of Vascular Health (ISVH), and the Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (ISMBE).

Throughout his career, Dr. Gavish published over 70 scientific papers in leading journals in different branches of science, including mainly modeling, interpretation and testing of phenomena in biophysics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, medicine, and physiology.

During the last two decades, he focused his research and development on developing novel noninvasively monitored markers for arterial properties and studies their diagnostic- and prognostic significance regarding cardiovascular- and cerebral diseases, as well as in generating coupling between respiration and blood pressure and using it for therapeutic purpose, e.g. in the RESPeRATE.

Dr. Gavish received a number of honors, awards, and fellowships in recognition of his scientific achievements. 

Dr. Gavish received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Solid State Physics from Tel Aviv University in 1974 and held numerous academic appointments in Israel and the US. Since 2014 he is our Chief Scientific Officer and manages the intellectual property and research affairs.

Dr. Benjamin Gavish publications (partial list):