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Our most popular RESPeRATE. Reduces high blood pressure naturally and with no side effects at a one time cost.

RESPeRATE Deluxe Duo


Our best new RESPeRATE. Designed for 2 users and a Deluxe backlight screen for easier use at in the dark or in poor light.


soft-tones pillow

Sound asleep bundle


2breathe: Sleep inducer bundled with our uniquely designed Soft-Tones: Pillow Speaker.

2breathe: Sleep inducer


Award winning 2breathe induces sleep by adopting RESPeRATE’s technology into a smart bluetooth-powered sensor & iOS mobile app.

Soft-Tones: Pillow Speaker


Enjoy high-quality private listening without headphones. 

Not a medical device.
Requires iPhone/iPad.

Not a medical device.
Requires iPhone/iPad.

Not a medical device.

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