2Breathe Helps Children Sleep
Liam 10, Israel.

Hi, I’m Adi, a mother of three, with a full time job, and an active family life. My kids are the center of my world, but downtime is also vital for us and so, is sleep.

For the past two years, my 10-year- old son, Liam, had the hardest time falling asleep – and we all suffered with him. Every night, it took him two hours to fall asleep. In and out of bed, we would try to help him. It was very stressful and our evenings were short. He was exhausted and frustrated and so were we.

Liam is an extremely bright and active child who excels in school, but we knew that lack of sleep was taking a toll on him.

I had done everything I could to help. I read all the books and tried all the tricks. I was at my wit’s end when, Erez, a good friend told my husband about his new startup for sleeplessness, 2breathe. Since it was based on a prior very successful medical device for hypertension, which my mother-in-law used, we immediately signed up for beta testing. Even though Erez had intended it for adults with difficulty falling asleep, I knew it would be Liam who would test it in our family.

What a change! Liam setup the app on his phone (on airplane + Bluetooth mode), strapped on the sensor, and began breathing with the tones. By the second night, he had gotten the hang of it and was asleep in minutes.

Every night since then, Liam has used 2breathe to fall asleep. ,It even become a fun event in the morning when he read the session reports and bragged about how quickly he fell asleep. He loves that it’s techy and proud to be one of the first kids in the world to try out this innovation.

As a mom, the relief I feel for my son that he no longer struggles to fall asleep is immense. I cannot believe how quickly and effectively this has solved his issue. It is literally a dream come true. Liam is sleeping and feeling great, and we have our evenings back. The entire family is grateful.

I urge anyone who has a child who suffers or those who suffer themselves to try 2breathe. You’ll get your life back!


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