2Breathe Sleep Review
Takeshi Misawa, Japan. Wrestling Medical Trainer

“After using 2breathe for 1 month I found that my concentration on my breathing was much easier and following the rhythm of the breath was much easier. Generally when you are breathing your mind is focused on different things, but with 2breathe I found that my concentration on my breathing was much more sharp. 2breathe made the situation much easier than just trying to breathe on my own.It has helped me sleep very well.”

Do You Try Anything Else In Conjuction With 2breathe?

“There is nothing else that I use right now. 2breathe helps me by displaying my breathing rhythm. This helps me change my breathing pattern to be more in sync. You can train your breathing according to your needs. 2breathe has 2 modes, Breathe mode and Sleep mode.”

What other uses Do You See for 2breathe other than Sleeping?

“There are quite a number of uses for breathing, for example training the mind. Really, there are many people who do not breathe properly. If you can raise the awareness of your breathing through respiratory training it affects your brain as well. I think it is good to use before a match because it raises my concentration level.”

“I also think that students can benefit from it because it increases their concentration, and would be good before classes and studying.”

“Many of the wrestlers have poor sleep issues and I think they also would benefit greatly from it. It is great for athletes.”

Do You Recommend It To People Around You?

“Yes. I especially like to recommend it to those people who do not understand the power of therapeutic breathing. Since it is an application and sensor it is very easy to use.”

Will You Continue To Use It In The Future?

“Definitely. I use it mostly when I cannot fall asleep and also when I want to heighten my awareness of my breathing.”


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