Hypertension Stories

Suzanne lowered her blood pressure

Suzanne W., CA, USA

"This device has had an amazing impact on my life"

April 15, 2018

This device has had an amazing impact on my life. Though I would never rule out Divine intervention, I had become resigned to using prescription medication to treat my high blood pressure for the rest of my life.


I had done everything in my own power to lower my blood pressure. I maintained a healthy weight, exercised, practiced healthy eating, regularly visited the chiropractor and got massage therapy but still saw no change.

“Suzanne, you hold your breath,” my massage therapist told me bluntly one day. “I’ve known you for a while, so I can tell you, ‘You hold your breath‘!” She began to coach me in my breathing, making me aware of the value of breathing consciously. Sometime after that I saw an advertisement for RESPeRATE in Parade Magazine.

My reaction was, “Why not try it? If nothing else, it will provide some relaxation and stress relief.” Well, it did much more than that.

Mark Lukas, USA

"This is a great device!"

April 15, 2018

I’ve been using RESPeRATE now for a little over a year and a half. It was about a year and a half ago that I went to the doctor and found out that I had high blood pressure. My doctor recommended RESPeRATE rather than trying to use medication. He had used RESPeRATE in the past had good results.


I was a little skeptical considering the cost, which I felt was a little bit high, but it was certainly worth checking into. As it turns out now that I’ve been using it for a year and a half it has lowered my blood pressure by approximately 20 points! I use it twice a day, every day, and it helps me relax. In fact, it’s so relaxing that I can barely stay awake as I’m listening to the voice commands on RESPeRATE…

I would highly recommend it! it’s a lot less expensive in the long run than medication and it really does work. And all you need to do is put the earbuds in and listen to the voice commands – it’s very easy to use and I think you would be very pleased with RESPeRATE.

Resperate lowers Blood Pressure and Anxiety

Dolores, USA

"No words to describe my joy"

February 6, 2017

I have been using RESPeRATE for over a year and not only is it keeping my blood pressure down but it relaxes me like nothing else ever could.


I usually use the machine for 15 minutes in the morning and at night every day. I do find myself every so often just about ready to doze off!

There have been times when I got myself really worked up over something during the day and didn’t like the stress/anxiety that I was feeling. So I went on my RESPeRATE, and like magic, I was calm again.

I take this little machine every time we go on vacation; I wouldn’t even consider going any place without it. I set myself up in our library in an overstuffed chair with my feet up and off I go.

Nona Estrin

Nona E., VT, USA.

"RESPeRATE has been amazingly helpful!"

August 2, 2017

I first heard about RESPeRATE in a most unlikely place. I had purchased a home blood pressure monitor for my high blood pressure and inside the box was a card talking about RESPeRATE. I was newly diagnosed with high blood pressure and I thought if I purchased it, then it would help me with managing my blood pressure. Boy was I right!


I work in a very stressful work environment and I knew I needed to also meditate, but my meditation was so sporadic. But thanks to my device, my meditation practice flourished. RESPeRATE has been so helpful and so pleasurable to use. I use it every day. I have tried breathing on my own but it is not the same. RESPeRATE takes the work out of having to try to think about the length of breathing and I just follow the guiding tones. I love this device and highly recommend it to friends and family. I even introduced it to my family physician.

Jane Halliwell, Washington D.C., USA

"A powerful combination to good health"

September 3, 2017

I am a long-time user of RESPeRATE… about six years now. It has helped me to control my blood pressure but I have been unable to get off blood pressure medications. I recently discovered the secret to full control of my blood pressure and I want to share it with you because I think your users could benefit.


Firstly, I have been a longtime vegetarian and recently changed to vegan. There was an important part of my diet that I was missing. The sodium content of my diet is excessively high. I went on a mission to discover all the sodium in my supermarket. The sodium content of prepared foods and even simple crackers is obscene. I began to keep a salt diary which I would recommend. Some people don’t even realize that almond milk contains 175 mg of sodium per cup.

As I begin to decrease the sodium content of my diet, and at the same time staying faithful to my practice of using RESPeRATE, my blood pressure dropped…and I mean significantly dropped from 128/89 on 50 mg of losartan to 103/72. I am now on 25 mg of losartan and my blood pressure is still in the low 100’s and low to mid-70s. I anticipate that I’ll be off the medication soon.

So the reason I’m writing this is to bring attention to this very important issue. Traditional doctors will not tell you about it. Even with really good health habits, I missed it. I am 66 years old and weigh 125 lbs. originally, my integrative physician in the Washington DC area suggested RESPeRATE, however, he failed to mention the issue of salt. Together they are a powerful combination for good health.

Resperate is Surgeon Recommended

Jasbir Deol M.D, USA

RESPeRATE: A Surgeon’s Perspective.

February 20, 2017

As a cardiac, trauma and general surgeon, my life was very stressful at times. In 2000, I was taking a beta-blocker, a diuretic, and an ACE inhibitor to regulate my high blood pressure. Concerned with potential side effects, I looked for an alternative to the medications, and that is when I read about RESPeRATE.


I had read the book, “Mayo Clinic on High Blood: Pressure Taking Charge of Your High Blood Pressure” By Sheldon Sheps M.D. In this book, the Mayo Clinic recommended RESPeRATE for the treatment of high blood pressure. As a surgeon, for me, the Mayo Clinic is the ultimate medical facility in the world, and if they recommended it I was going to try it.

I can tell you that this device has been a Godsend to me. 2 weeks after using the machine my blood pressure started to trend down. 8 weeks after I started using the device I was taken off my ACE inhibitor. If I do not use it I do not feel well that day. RESPeRATE replicates the “Pranayama Yoga” art of breathing. RESPeRATE works by accessing the parasympathetic nervous system and it lowers your blood pressure. To me, it is very relaxing. I also use it to induce sleep. RESPeRATE puts my sympathetic nervous system to sleep and wakes up my parasympathetic system. I am usually asleep in 30 minutes. I would recommend this device to friends, family, colleagues and you the reader.

I have used RESPeRATE faithfully for 16 years. For me, RESPeRATE has passed the most important test. The Test of time.

Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

Arnold Leibovit 63, AZ, USA.

"Definitely helps with high BP & relaxation"

February 20, 2017

I think the RESPeRATE device is a great invention. I have been using it for 6 years and love it! In fact, I can hardly be without it. It’s a wonderful companion. I take it everywhere I go. It definitely helps with hypertension and relaxation.


I have used it almost every day all these years and it really works to calm me down and lower blood pressure by learning to breathe slowly and steadily for a 15-20 minute period every day.

I generally do it once a day and sometimes at night to help to relax and go to sleep. It really works well for that. I also do a variety of other health protocols such as walking, taking supplements, further meditation. The combination of all of these plus the machine has been an effective tool to reduce my blood pressure medicine, reduce stress, or symptoms that can come on from hypertension.

It’s really the combination of everything that works best and the RESPeRATE device is an important component.

I particularly like using RESPeRATE when I go to the doctor’s office for my monthly IV EDTA Chelation which can take 3 hours sometimes. It’s great to have the machine to relax and close my eyes so a bit of the time goes by. Everyone asks me about it and I tell them what it is and what it does which they always seem interested.

Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RESPeRATE. It is a lifesaver and anyone with hypertension or anxiety would do well to have one as an aid. I am so happy I found out about it. Thank you RESPeRATE and its inventors for coming up with a great device that really solves the problem.

Resperate is Therapist Recommended

Tina Lerner, CA, USA

RESPeRATE: A Therapist’s Perspective

February 20, 2017

As a biofeedback therapist, I have used RESPeRATE devices for 15 years. These devices are supportive of my clients learning how to more effectively relax.


A state of relaxation is extremely helpful with many issues such as anxiety, hypertension and more. RESPeRATE units have assisted in creating a significant impact on the lives of 100’s of my clients. Thank You RESPeRATE!

how to lower blood pressure - rita

Rita Benintendi, 54, OR, USA

RESPeRATE Lowers BP without Medication

February 20, 2017

I have been using RESPeRATE for a little over five years now and swear by it! My doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medicine and I didn’t want to do that.


My mother had high blood pressure and passed away from kidney disease from the medicines they had her on for her high blood pressure. My blood pressure dropped about 20 points after a few months on RESPeRATE. I have used it regularly for the past five years and my blood pressure has remained in the 120/72 area for all that time. Thank you RESPeRATE you have been great for me!

A calmer and relaxed sleep using 2Breathe

Phyllis Shea, 56, VT, USA

"I am calmer throughout my day"

February 20, 2017

I started using RESPeRATE about eight years ago when my blood pressure became borderline high. I had gone to the Mayo Clinic website to see what lifestyle changes they recommended, and I was already doing everything except for their last suggestion, which was to use the RESPeRATE, so I bought one.


Within a couple of months, my blood pressure went down 5-10 points, so I continued to use it five days a week, and I noticed that I definitely felt calmer throughout the day.

After a while, I also noticed a correlation between how I slept and whether or not I used the RESPeRATE that day. On days when I used it, I’d fall asleep easily and stay that way all night. But without the RESPeRATE, I’d usually wake up at some point and toss and turn. So I now use it every day. I’m really thankful it exists.

Ensure healthy Blood Pressure Limits

Lee Jackson, TX, USA

RESPeRATE: Combat Ready!

February 20, 2017

I bought one of your RESPeRATE machines back in 2009, and still have it. I bought it because I was being deployed to Iraq and had to ensure that my blood pressure was within healthy limits or I would have to go on medication.


I was then 57 years old. Without medication, I got my blood pressure down to teenage levels and maintained it there.

I took the machine with me to Iraq (was there 19 months), and then to Afghanistan (19 months), and kept my blood pressure down. I would highly recommend RESPeRATE to anyone.

Recommended to anyone with high Blood Pressure

Michael Branwell, UK

"RESPeRATE is highly recommended"

February 20, 2017

I thoroughly recommend RESPeRATE to anyone who suffers from high blood pressure and I am quite happy to discuss what RESPeRATE has done for me with anyone interested.


Some six or seven years ago, I was suffering badly with high blood pressure and suffering even more from the side effects of blood pressure medicines that I was being prescribed by my G.P.

One doctor at my local G.P. surgery swore “they would never give me tablets to hurt me” – and I ended up on antibiotics for a urine infection directly due to this medicine; another lot of tablets gave me swollen joints and a third lot made me so breathless I could not climb a flight of stairs.

My BP reached 200/100. Then a friend suggested the RESPeRATE method, which I have been using ever since, usually two or three times a week. Quite simply, it is brilliant. I am now 64 years old and made a new year’s resolution to lose weight and get fitter.

Lower BP Throughout the Day

Merle Tressler, IL, USA

"It is a great way to start the day"

February 20, 2017

I have been using RESPeRATE for about two years and enjoy using it. I started using it because my blood pressure rises significantly whenever a medical professional takes it.


I thought that RESPeRATE might help me with this problem and help me feel more relaxed when my blood pressure is taken. (My doctor has wired me up with a device that takes my blood pressure every 15 minutes for about 20-24 hours, and the highest reading is always as it is being put in place).

I believe RESPeRATE has helped me be calmer when my blood pressure is taken and helps offset that artificially high reading. More importantly, for me, RESPeRATE is like a form of mediation without the “spiritual” baggage that meditation so often involves.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Dr. Thomas Putnam, MA, USA

"This device Is terrific!"

February 21, 2017

Dear RESPeRATE, I just want to thank you for your fast, helpful, and professional customer service. I have come to use RESPeRATE 5+ times a week (with great results) and appreciate your recent help.

I’m a psychologist by trade and I’ve recommended your website to many of my colleagues. I have also recommended the device to my patients, and they too are finding good results.


My blood pressure had been normal for most of my life (120/60) until all of a sudden it started creeping up into the high range (130′s/80′s); This is when I found and started to use RESPeRATE.

This was about 2 years ago. After a few weeks of using it, I began to see it go back down into the normal range. I’ve also found it to be great for relaxation. I use it in the mornings, sometimes even up to an hour. I also try to fit it in at mid-afternoon between patients for about 15-20 minutes each time.

Since I started using it I’ve been keeping a chart of my usage and I’ve done a few personal experiments comparing meditation to using the RESPeRATE. I’ve found that meditation alone cannot provide the same results that I get when I use RESPeRATE.To further prove this, I have a friend of mine who’s a psychiatrist: he had high blood pressure and had been meditating for 30 years but could not get his blood pressure down. I introduced him to RESPeRATE and sure enough, turned him into a believer.

Once again, I just want to reiterate that you guys are terrific! Your service department went above and beyond the call of duty for me and deserves a lot of credit in helping me attain success with RESPeRATE.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Ann Stevens, NY, USA

Stay Healthy with RESPeRATE!

February 21, 2017

A friend told me about RESPeRATE about a year ago, and I have been using it daily ever since – with successful results!


Not only is it a wonderful device that seems to calm me down whenever I feel stressed or anxious, but it has lowered both my blood pressure over the last year AND the dosage of my blood pressure medications. I highly recommend RESPeRATE for anyone who’s interested in doing whatever helps to keep you healthy!

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Jane R., FL, USA

“Thank you RESPeRATE”

June 8, 2017

I first heard about RESPeRATE from my nurse practitioner who was caring for me at the time. She had bought one for her husband who had issues with high blood pressure. She told me “Jane, you have to buy one, it really works!”


So I did purchase my own RESPeRATE. I used it every day and it helped me a lot. But then I put it away for two years. We had moved and my blood pressure went up. My new physician put me on a blood pressure medication and it made me very sick. He tried another one and that made me sick as well. When they said they wanted to put me on a third, well that was it. I got out my RESPeRATE and started using it twice daily. It helped to lower my blood pressure without side effects.

I recommend this device to friends and family. When I hear of someone struggling with blood pressure medication side effects, I always tell them about RESPeRATE. I find my device not only helps me with my blood pressure but I also find it very relaxing. I started using it 30 minutes before bed and I am so relaxed afterward that I sleep well.

I really appreciate this device. I do not believe that one always has to go the pharmacological route. I believe in the holistic approach for controlling my blood pressure. A good diet, exercise, and of course, my RESPeRATE. Thank you RESPeRATE!

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Ed Rosenberg, USA

“It really lowers my stress levels”

June 13, 2017

7 years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. My doctor wanted to put me on medication but I wanted to find an alternative to medication. This is when I discovered RESPeRATE and the power of therapeutic breathing.


I used my RESPeRATE religiously and lost 15 pounds also. Within 3 months my blood pressure returned to normal. I stopped using my device for a while. Recently I have lost 57 pounds and work out often. Again this time at my checkup my blood pressure was up, but I know that RESPeRATE will bring it back down again.

I am an owner of 3 companies and I tell you, my stress levels can be very high. The power of controlled breathing really lowers my stress levels. I feel very relaxed after doing a session. I also sleep much better and sometimes doze off during a session. I highly recommend this device.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Steven G., USA

“RESPeRATE brought my numbers down again”

June 13, 2017

I heard about RESPeRATE a number of years back and bought my first device to lower my blood pressure. I was pre-hypertensive and RESPeRATE has kept it down.


My blood pressure went from the 150’s to the 120’s. I put it away for 6 months since it worked so well, but have started using the wwwice again when my numbers went up.

The Resperate has again brought my numbers down. I have never been big on meditation, but RESPeRATES’ guided breathing makes it easy. You just listen to the instructions, follow the guiding tones, and it brings you to an amazingly relaxing place. I would recommend this device to anyone. This device would be a help to anyone. RESPeRATE has encouraged me to relax and it has really reduced my tension.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Herb T., USA

“I never needed to try any alternatives”

June 13, 2017

Heard about RESPeRATE a number of years ago. I was looking for something to reduce my high blood pressure and for stress relief. RESPeRATE helped lower my blood pressure.


I never needed to try any alternatives to RESPeRATE, it did the trick. I love my breathing session and it teaches me to breathe that way all day long. I love my time at the end of the day when I can just sit and relax and breath with my RESPeRATE. For me, it is the perfect end to my day.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

David G., NJ, USA

“RESPeRATE takes the work out of it”

June 13, 2017

I heard about RESPeRATE about 5 years ago from Andrew Weil M.D. I was diagnosed with hypertension and I heard this device could help me.


I tried deep breathing on my own but it did not work for me. RESPeRATE takes the work out of it. All I have to do is follow the musical guiding tones, and my breathing becomes fuller and more relaxed.

It really helps with my blood pressure. I have shared this with doctors, nurses and friends. It is a great help to me and I find I sleep much better at night.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Johnny B., CA, USA

“I highly recommend to family and friends”

June 13, 2017

I first discovered RESPeRATE at a biofeedback conference in 2007. I do not suffer from hypertension but use my breathing device for self-awareness, relaxation and productivity while working.


I have been using the device for 10 years at my desk while working on the computer, to stay focused & relaxed while working to maintain productivity & high energy throughout my workday.

At the end of my workday, I have more energy, I am less tense, and I am not tired. As a feedback device, for me it’s functionality makes it easy to use and I can see my real-time breathing rate numbers.

It has taught me how to be more aware of my body and how to use my breathing to change my state to perform at the highest levels. I highly recommend to family and friends.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Lisa S., USA

“I am pleased with my results”

June 13, 2017

I started using RESPeRATE about 5 years ago. I was trying to find an alternative to hypertensive medication when I received a pop-up from the Mayo clinic talking about RESPeRATE and I read the results of the peer-reviewed studies.


I can’t say that I am a model user, but when I do use the device, it works remarkably well for me. Before using RESPeRATE, I tried going to stress reduction classes that teach you how to breathe slowly on your own, but I found the guided exercises to slow my breathing too quickly which was a huge problem for me.

I love RESPeRATE because it starts at MY level and slows my breathing gradually into the therapeutic breathing zone. It does so at my rhythm and is never a problem.

I like using it when I feel stressed or when my blood pressure starts to creep up. I find it can drop my B/P as much as 20 points quickly and the minute I hear my chosen tone, it begins to take effect. The extra bonus is it also helps me sleep better when I use it just before going to bed.

I have told countless family, friends, and doctors I meet about RESPeRATE and have even lent out my machine to several friends so they can experience how well it works. Overall I would have to say I am pleased with my results.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Mary O., IL, USA

“I have been using this machine faithfully for 10 years”

June 13, 2017

I come from a family that has a history of high blood pressure. I was borderline hypertensive for many years, so at the behest of my physician, I bought a blood pressure monitor so I could monitor it at home. That is when I noticed I was getting blood pressure spikes. I went to see my alternative care practitioner, who is also an M.D, and he recommended I purchase RESPeRATE.


I have been using this machine faithfully for 10 years. It had kept me off medications until I put it away for a while. Then my blood pressure crept back up and my other doctor put me on medication. I told her that I wanted to come off the medication. She asked me what I intended to do instead? I told her I would start with my RESPeRATE, hibiscus tea, and exercise.

Once again I am medication free thanks to my RESPeRATE and lifestyle modifications. When I am having a stressful day I use the device 3 times daily, and the slow-paced breathing calms me and brings me back to center. Some people are trained to do this through meditation practice. Thanks to RESPeRATE the rest of us can now have that advantage of therapeutic breathing.

RESPeRATE has also helped me get a great night’s sleep and I wake up refreshed. I am very grateful for this machine and I wanted to thank the people who invented such a miraculous machine. Thank you so much

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Deborah L., USA

“RESPeRATE's effects follow me all day”

June 13, 2017

I’ve started using RESPeRATE in January of 2016 as recommended by my therapist. My life can be stressful at times and the environment that surrounds me, can at times heighten that stress. Because of anxiety issues sometimes my blood pressure would go up as high as 185/90 and I did not want to go on medication.


Unfortunately I lost my mom at the early age of 70 and I have seen the physical complication of medication. I don’t think medication is always the answer. I think you can train the body. I have tried applications like SPIRE, and have tried yoga, and videos but they have not helped me as much as RESPeRATE.

For me, RESPeRATE is like going to the gym. When I put on the sensor belt it prepares me mentally and puts me in the mindset to breathe and relax. The visual and physical feedback I get from RESPeRATE is very helpful to cueing me that I am on the right track.

When I don’t use it I find I do not breathe as well and my blood pressure starts creeping back up. With RESPeRATE my blood pressure has come down as far as 102/60. I would recommend this to my friends and family. RESPeRATE effects follow me all day without the side effects of medication. Thank you RESPeRATE for making a difference.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

R Senne., USA

“A great way to unwind or relax”

June 13, 2017

This is the second RESPeRATE unit that I have owned. I purchased my first unit in 2010 at the recommendation of my doctor who was noticing a rise in my blood pressure readings.


The original unit is still working great today although it is much larger and is difficult to take on my frequent business trips. The smaller Ultra unit is much easier to take with me as I travel for business. Not only has it decreased my blood pressure ratings but is a great way to unwind or relax.

I often use the device prior to bedtime as it helps clear my thoughts and allows me to get to sleep much quicker. This is a great product for both lowering your blood pressure and a great way to relax in the evening.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Lei C., USA

“I bought three units”

June 13, 2017

I bought three units, one for myself, one for my wife, one for my mother, great to reduce daily stress and lower blood pressure, Highly recommended.


Should improve the sensor belt so it will be a lot easier to use.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

R.J Lee, USA

“I had a significant drop in my blood pressure”

June 13, 2017

I first purchased RESPeRATE in 2008 in the hope that it would help to bring my high blood pressure down. I had serious doubts about RESPeRATE working but I had to do something to reduce my very high blood pressure and reduce the potency of the medication and its bad side effects.


After a short period of time with regular use, I had a significant drop in my blood pressure. I responded so well that I purchased a RESPeRATE as a gift for my sister-in-law who also suffered from high blood pressure. I purchased a new RESPeRATE as a backup for my well used and ancient machine.

I have been off all blood pressure medications for years now, I hope you can achieve the same results…..

lower high blood pressure

Paul K., MD, USA

“I highly recommend this device”

June 22, 2017

Although I have never had to take medication for high blood pressure I did not want to have to start. So I googled natural ways to lower blood pressure and that is when I found RESPeRATE.


I would say I have been using RESPeRATE for over 10 years, and I have used every day. It is so simple and enjoyable. I just turn it on and follow the guiding tones and chill out. It is so very easy to use and it is a great way to start my morning. It has really helped keep my blood pressure down. I highly recommend this device.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Kenny, UK.

"I love my RESPeRATE!"

February 21, 2017

I have struggled with my blood pressure for years which really is upsetting as I train in Tae Kwon Do 4 times a week, eat really well and am not over weight. I do like a beer or two at the weekend though (or sometimes during the week) but overall not in the typical demographic.


Anyway when originally diagnosed I bought a RESPeRATE unit and used it regularly resulting in stabilizing my blood pressure along with medications at 150-140/80-70. I have classic white coat syndrome and at home monitoring and 24 hour monitoring have shown figures much lower than these so much so that my medications were reduced. I fell away from regular use, 20 minutes 4 times per week, and at a recent screening following a very stressful month or so my readings were sky high once again.

So I started using the RESPeRATE again – 20 mins 4 times per week and today went for a retest. Was totally wound up – hadn’t slept since 4:00 am – heart rate was racing in the doctor’s office but hey – 145/80 – thanks entirely in my opinion to regular use of the RESPeRATE!

This has worked twice for me so there is absolutely no doubt in mind this product works. It won’t on its own – you have to stick with it and address some of the obvious things in your lifestyle that won’t do your BP any favors. It is now on my nightstand and will be the last thing I do most nights of the week (it also makes me sleep much better – man I love this thing)!

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Brad L., MN, USA.

My Very Successful RESPeRATE Story.

February 21, 2017

Less than a year ago, I was on 40 milligrams of Lisinopril daily. Even on that medication, the lowest I could get my blood pressure was in the area of 140 over 95. I had had high blood pressure for a few years, but was not taking it seriously. The problem with Lisinopril was that I was experiencing nearly all of the possible side effects.


Frustrated, I went to my doctor and told him I was finished with Lisinopril, and if he didn’t have anything else with fewer side effects, I was going to quit taking the medication entirely and deal with the consequences as they came. I then told him that I had heard if you slowed your breathing down that it could lower your blood pressure. He said that he had heard of RESPeRATE, and said he’d allow me to get off of my meds if I agreed to try it.

I agreed and went home and purchased the unit. I started using it, and it did lower my blood pressure. I then started doing a few other lifestyle changes and eventually, my blood pressure started coming down. Over the course of 9 months, I have combined a change in diet with RESPeRATE, and now when I relax I will get BP readings of around 117/76. If you use this product with other lifestyle changes, they seem to enhance each other for very positive health effects.

I do love this product and would be happy to share my experiences with you and anyone else wanting to listen. I am a 43-year-old male who works as an independent consultant doing computer programming. This is an all-natural way of lowering blood pressure while providing overall relaxation. If you wish to further this discussion, I’d be happy to provide more contact information.


Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Lisa, NV, USA

"With RESPeRATE I am off anti-hypertensive drugs!"

February 21, 2017

My blood pressure was over 175/110. The medicine helped some, but a few weeks after using RESPeRATE the doctor had to cut my medicine in half and now my pressure is still going down.


I will be off all medicine is less than 3 months. When I started using the machine I did not believe it would work, I am so glad I was wrong! My husband used the machine and it worked for him as well. He was able to stop his medicine too.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

James, AZ, USA.

"This device does what it claims."

February 21, 2017

I’ve been using RESPeRATE for a year or so and I absolutely love it! I use it every day and even take it traveling with me when I am on the road.


When I get bored on traveling by bus, plane, or train, I’ll take it out, put on my headphones and relax! I am 63 and have been on Lotensin for a few years.

After a few months with RESPeRATE, I was able to reduce my BP from 140/90 to 119/67. I am now medicine free!! This is one product that does what it claims. Like I said, I love it!

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Bill, FL, USA.

90 Years Young With My RESPeRATE.

February 21, 2017

Have used RESPeRATE religiously for many years since Aug 2006. I started using RESPeRATE in order to keep my blood pressure under control.


(140/75 +/- 10% range.) I have managed with the help of this fabulous device to successfully resisting the drug and medical community’s poor and often fatal advice. Did I mention I will be 90 in March 2011? Thanks to RESPeRATE I feel great and my blood pressure is under control.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Ralph, MN, USA.

“The great results tell the whole story!”

February 21, 2017

I have been using RESPeRATE for almost 2 years. My blood pressure readings had been on the high side and I had to chart it for 6 weeks when I noticed an ad in the USA Today about your machine that lowers blood pressure. I felt it was worth a try to prevent my being put on medication.


Well, to make a long story short, my doctors were amazed that my blood pressure is now in a normal range. I am 76 years old and use RESPeRATE almost every night. I find it relaxing and addicting and easy to use! The good results tell the whole story!

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Caralinn, TX, USA

“This is a wonderful product that works!”

February 21, 2017

I purchased my first RESPeRATE in 2008 after taking BP medications for several years. (Pre-medication I was testing 159/96 regularly at the doctor’s office.) Salt-restricted diet and exercise had little effect.

After using RESPeRATE for just a few days, my BP began to steadily go down.


I use it only once a day now unless I find myself in a highly stressful situation; then maybe 2-3 times a day, but go right back to daily with the same success.

As of June, 2010, my BP stays at or below 120/80 even at the doctor’s office, and often is 111/70 by early evening. My internist was delighted with my “plan” and encouraged me to keep it up. For me, it is also important to get regular aerobic exercise as well, but it only takes 25 minutes or so several times a week and I never have to worry about spiking BP.

Just purchased a brand-new RESPeRATE Ultra Duo so that my husband can use it as well, and the new design is sleeker and easier to carry. An added feature is a detachable sensor belt, which can be replaced for $49.95 if and when the old one wears out from repeated use! This is a wonderful product that works!

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Larry 61, IL, USA

"I should be on a RESPeRATE poster as I consider its effectiveness a miracle"

February 21, 2017

Hello, I am a 61 years old man and I have had high blood pressure for over half of my life. I started taking medications before I was 30 and have been on countless combinations since then. I have a physical exam every year and my Doctor would just shake his head at my readings and we would try something new.


This would go on for a couple of office calls each year until I would get tired of paying the office call bills and I would just give up trying to lower my blood pressure for another year.

I had no side effects from the drugs but not much results either. My blood pressure was 140 over 65 at the lowest and approaching 200 over 75 at the highest. I am fit and very health conscience. I eat smart, control my weight and exercise 5 times a week but had given up on controlling my blood pressure until last September.

My readings were very high over Labor Day weekend and I ordered a RESPeRATE out of desperation for something new to try. I started out using it for 20 minutes a day seven days a week but did not see any results for the first couple of months. About four months into the RESPeRATE use I started getting some pretty low readings in the 120′s over 60′s. My pressure seemed to jump around quite a bit but eventually, the low readings outnumbered the higher ones and now the normal pressure is my norm. I regularly get readings in the 105/60 to 125/60 range. I am still taking Bystolic 10 Mg and Benicar Hct 40 but hope to drop one or both someday if these low readings maintain. My next yearly Doctors appointment is in three months and I expect to fill my Doctor in on the wonderful results I have been getting with my RESPeRATE.

I do not plan to ever stop using it even if I have to take medication along with it. I should be on a RESPeRATE poster as I consider its effectiveness a miracle. It does take a little time and some effort but it is a relaxing experience and well worth the effort. I hope my RESPeRATE lasts as long as I do but if not I will buy another as fast as I could. Thank you RESPeRATE!!

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Stephen , MA, USA

“Thank you RESPeRATE! It really works.”

February 21, 2017

I am an active father of 7 children. I take seriously my responsibility for my own health. I have been an EMT for many years and know well the risks of hypertension.


I purchased RESPeRATE on my own. After a month my systolic pressure dropped 30 points and my diastolic dropped 20. What I find most interesting is that my stress level has dropped. I honestly didn’t feel stress prior to RESPeRATE but since using it I feel more relaxed. I feel like my priorities are more in order.

The kids and Mom know that Dad’s 15 minutes of RESPeRATE are good for him and good for our family. Thank you RESPeRATE, I tell everybody about the technology and that it really works.

Sleep Stories

2Breathe Improves Sleep for Kids

Gali 10, Israel.

"It takes 6 Minutes to fall asleep"

February 26, 2017

Gali is a 10 year old kid which use to have hard time falling asleep. It took her over an hour to fall asleep. With 2breathe she can sleep in less than 10 minutes

2Breathe: Sleep Faster

Bradley Smith 41, QC, Canada.

“Get mind & body ready to sleep.”

February 26, 2017

I don’t really have sleeplessness issues but as it’s my business area, I was interested in trying the technology. I was impressed by the fact that even for me 2breathe made the transition into sleep easier.


I find it’s effective. It was easy to follow the breathing patterns. It was fascinating to experience how the 2breathe tones take your mind off other thoughts and assist the user to drift into sleep in a very short time. I found that I could never really complete the 15 minute session without falling asleep, so I never even bothered trying the 30 minute option.

I was also impressed by the fact the melodies are not pre-recorded but completely personalized and composed in real time to automatically re-adjust to the user’s needs. Smart solution.


2Breathe Helps Children Sleep

Liam 10, Israel.

“When your child can’t fall asleep”

February 26, 2017

Hi, I’m Adi, a mother of three, with a full time job, and an active family life. My kids are the center of my world, but downtime is also vital for us and so, is sleep.


For the past two years, my 10-year- old son, Liam, had the hardest time falling asleep – and we all suffered with him. Every night, it took him two hours to fall asleep. In and out of bed, we would try to help him. It was very stressful and our evenings were short. He was exhausted and frustrated and so were we.

Liam is an extremely bright and active child who excels in school, but we knew that lack of sleep was taking a toll on him.

I had done everything I could to help. I read all the books and tried all the tricks. I was at my wit’s end when, Erez, a good friend told my husband about his new startup for sleeplessness, 2breathe. Since it was based on a prior very successful medical wwwice for hypertension, which my mother in-law used, we immediately signed up for beta testing. Even though Erez had intended it for adults with difficulty falling asleep, I knew it would be Liam who would test it in our family.

What a change! Liam setup the app on his phone (on airplane + bluetooth mode), strapped on the sensor, and began breathing with the tones. By the second night, he had gotten the hang of it and was asleep in minutes.

Every night since then, Liam has used 2breathe to fall asleep. ,It even become a fun event in the morning when he read the session reports and bragged about how quickly he fell asleep. He loves that it’s techy and proud to be one of the first kids in the world to try out this innovation.

As a mom, the relief I feel for my son that he no longer struggles to fall asleep is immense. I cannot believe how quickly and effectively this has solved his issue. It is literally a dream come true. Liam is sleeping and feeling great, and we have our evenings back. The entire family is grateful.

I urge anyone who has a child who suffers or those who suffer themselves to try 2breathe. You’ll get your life back!

2Breathe Testimonial

Mr. Kuwashima 44, JAPAN.

“I Fall Asleep Considerably Faster Now.”

March 14, 2017

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in sleep disorders in Japan. Whether it is due to aging or stress, 1 in 5 people have some type of sleep disorder. I am one of those people. This problem really began in my thirties.


When I was a student I thought I could sleep forever, but now I find myself constantly restless. I climb into bed and find myself tossing and turning. If I do fall asleep sometimes I find myself waking up after a little while of being asleep. Many times I find I cannot fall back to sleep. Since I do not sleep very well, I sometimes miss the morning alarm clock.

As a result of my sleep concerns, I spoke with Mr. Kuwashima, one of my favorite people, who told me about 2breathe, a great device that creates a state of relaxation.

Question: Mr. Kuwashima, what are your concerns about not getting a good night’s sleep?

“My sleep is terrible. I tell myself that it is time to go to sleep, but sleep does not come naturally. Sometimes I lay in bed and do not get sleepy. I try laying on my side, on my stomach, and all I do is keep tossing and turning in bed. It is terrible sleeping for only 2-3 hours a night. Sometimes I wake up angry. This has me very concerned.”

Question: When did you first start having trouble falling asleep?

“I think my sleeping issues began when I entered the workforce. As I said as a student life was very different, I did not have many concerns. I felt like I could sleep for hours. Working people though have various responsibilities and become very stressed out. With management there is great responsibility. With greater responsibility comes increased stress. There are stressors that we are not even aware of that increase our mental stress.”

Question: What impact does lack of sleep have on you?

“I think that it has a very great impact on me. I feel that I cannot sleep and the little sleep that I do get makes life very difficult for me. When I go to bed I get very anxious. When this happens it makes falling asleep almost impossible. This is a vicious cycle. Sometimes I sleep and sometimes I don’t, very vicious indeed. During the daytime I’m very sleepy most of the day. This made my life very difficult. I would sleep maybe 4 hours but my quality of sleep was never very good. Overtime it became considerably worse. If you cannot sleep for a few days you start obsessing about sleep. I really doubt I am sleeping properly.”

Question: Have you tried anything to help you sleep?

“I started using 2breathe. To be honest with you, the first 2 weeks it did not seem like it was working for me. However there were days I slept. On such days I felt less drowsy during the day. Even though I felt like giving up, telling myself, “I cannot fall asleep” or “I did not sleep well” there were times I did fall asleep. Until I became familiar with 2breathe, it was difficult for me to sync my breathing with the musical tones. Sometimes I thought it was too fast or the breathing too long. It seems that with continued use my breathing synced better with the tones. I was able to adapt my breathing to the musical tones. Since I started using 2breathe I feel my quality of sleep is improving. I do not feel so fuzzy during the daytime anymore. Even though I would think to myself, “I will not be able to fall asleep today” I fell asleep in about 30 minutes. I usually was asleep by the end of 2breathe session.”

Question: Has 2breathe helped you sleep better and made an impact on your life?

“The blurry feelings have definitely decreased during the daytime. I would usually take a nap during break time sometimes 10-20 minutes to clear up my head. Before I started to use 2breathe I was too sleepy to work. Sometimes it felt like I was losing my mind so I had a great difficulty concentrating, but now things are changing and improving. Every morning now I feel 60%-70% refreshed. I am using it everyday so I think I am unconsciously feeling the effects of 2breathe.”

Question: Are you still using 2breathe?

“Yes of course! I do not think I will be able to fall asleep without it, but I am expecting to continually improve as I use this mysterious little device. After I started to use 2breathe my sleep has been increasing steadily and gently. I thought at first that wearing the sensor belt would be a concern. But the sensor belt is soft and the sensor small so there is no discomfort. As soon as I start a session the gentle and relaxing music begin to flow. I thought I might wake up because of the music when I went to bed, but adjusting for low volume works just fine for me. When I started I was very conscious for the first 10 minutes breathing with the high tones and then the low tones. During the 30 minute session though I fell asleep without much notice and stayed asleep until morning. It is so surprising that I could fall asleep so naturally, knowing that I used to toss and turn for 3 or more hours. In the past, when the alarm clock would ring I would continue sleeping. Now I am able to jump out of bed when the alarm clock rings!

Until I started using 2breathe, getting out of bed was very difficult. My time to fall asleep now is considerably shorter.

Even if I do not fall asleep right away with a session I lay there quietly and fall asleep. Moreover, now that I wake up more refreshed I do not feel rushed in the morning. I feel like I am living more deliberately, I like this very much. I no longer feel like I have to rush to catch the train. Sometimes my concentration decreases at work as the day progresses, but I remembered that 2breathe has a meditation mode. I use this mode on my break and feel very refreshed afterwards. Now it is pleasant to work and I can work according to my schedule. When I could not sleep my concentration and efficiency were really down. Life has changed so much for me since I started using 2breathe and am finally sleeping. 2breathe is amazing!”

2breathe helps guide your respirations by using the sensor and the application which generate tones to fall asleep. Like Mr. Kuwashima I really did not trust this device. Now I actually realize that it does work. By using the breath to access the autonomic nervous system which is essential for falling asleep, 2breathe can be used with confidence. The generated tones actually lead to sleep and you do not need to worry about any side effects.


2Breathe Sleep Review

Takeshi Misawa, Japan. Wrestling Medical Trainer

“Wrestling for Sleep”

March 23, 2017

“After using 2breathe for 1 month I found that my concentration on my breathing was much easier and following the rhythm of the breath was much easier. Generally when you are breathing your mind is focused on different things, but with 2breathe I found that my concentration on my breathing was much more sharp. 2breathe made the situation much easier than just trying to breathe on my own.It has helped me sleep very well.”


Do You Try Anything Else In Conjuction With 2breathe?

“There is nothing else that I use right now. 2breathe helps me by displaying my breathing rhythm. This helps me change my breathing pattern to be more in sync. You can train your breathing according to your needs. 2breathe has 2 modes, Breathe mode and Sleep mode.”

What other uses Do You See for 2breathe other than Sleeping?

“There are quite a number of uses for breathing, for example training the mind. Really, there are many people who do not breathe properly. If you can raise the awareness of your breathing through respiratory training it affects your brain as well. I think it is good to use before a match because it raises my concentration level.”

“I also think that students can benefit from it because it increases their concentration, and would be good before classes and studying.”

“Many of the wrestlers have poor sleep issues and I think they also would benefit greatly from it. It is great for athletes.”

Do You Recommend It To People Around You?

“Yes. I especially like to recommend it to those people who do not understand the power of therapeutic breathing. Since it is an application and sensor it is very easy to use.”

Will You Continue To Use It In The Future?

“Definitely. I use it mostly when I cannot fall asleep and also when I want to heighten my awareness of my breathing.”

Efraim 48, Israel.

“I was surprised how fast it had an impact”

March 26, 2017

Efraim 48. An executive and real estate investor. He wanted to avoid drugs treating his sleep issues, but in the end chose to use 2breathe and never regretted it. Watch his video interview below.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Tim S. 45, Switzerland.

“It really helps.”

February 26, 2017

Waking up during the night was my issue, especially after long flights or busy periods in the office. As frequent international flights are part of my job, I had very low expectations that anything can help – I was pleasantly surprised. As I have no trouble falling asleep, I use 2breathe for about 15 minutes before going to sleep. Within ten days or so I began noticing a marked difference. It really helps.


I also begun practicing breathing exercises on my own imaging the tones in my head. It’s great too, but my experience has been that using 2breathe is far more impactful.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Sleep Naturally

Anonymous 54, USA.

“Finally I Can Sleep Without Medication!”

February 26, 2017