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Larry 61, IL, USA

Hello, I am a 61 years old man and I have had high blood pressure for over half of my life. I started taking medications before I was 30 and have been on countless combinations since then. I have a physical exam every year and my Doctor would just shake his head at my readings and we would try something new. This would go on for a couple of office calls each year until I would get tired of paying the office call bills and I would just give up trying to lower my blood pressure for another year. I had no side effects from the drugs but not much results either. My blood pressure was 140 over 65 at the lowest and approaching 200 over 75 at the highest. I am fit and very health conscience. I eat smart, control my weight and exercise 5 times a week but had given up on controlling my blood pressure until last September.

My readings were very high over Labor Day weekend and I ordered a RESPeRATE out of desperation for something new to try. I started out using it for 20 minutes a day seven days a week but did not see any results for the first couple of months. About four months into the RESPeRATE use I started getting some pretty low readings in the 120′s over 60′s. My pressure seemed to jump around quite a bit but eventually the low readings outnumbered the higher ones and now normal pressure is my norm.nI regularly get readings in the 105/60 to 125/60 range. I am still taking Bystolic 10 Mg and Benicar Hct 40 but hope to drop one or both some day if these low readings maintain. My next yearly Doctors appointment is in three months and I expect to fill my Doctor in on the wonderful results I have been getting with my resperate.

I do not plan to ever stop using it even if I have to take medication along with it. I should be on a RESPeRATE poster as I consider its effectiveness a miracle. It does take a little time and some effort but it is a relaxing experience and well worth the effort. I hope my RESPeRATE lasts as long as I do but if not I will buy another as fast as I could. Thank you RESPeRATE!! Larry, IL

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