RESPeRATE Solved My Problem!


Written by dev_ln

On June 27, 2019

“ I think the RESPeRATE device is a great invention. I have been using it for 6 years and love it! In fact, I can hardly be without it. It’s a wonderful companion. I take it everywhere I go. It definitely helps with hypertension and relaxation.
I have used it almost every day all these years and it really works to calm me down and lower blood pressure by learning to breathe slowly and steadily for a 15-20 minute period every day. I generally do it once a day and sometimes at night to help to relax and go to sleep.
It really works well for that. I also do a variety of other health protocols such as walking, taking a variety of supplements, further meditation. The combination of all of these plus the machine has been an effective tool to reduce my blood pressure medicine, reduce stress, or symptoms that can come on from hypertension.

It’s really the combination of everything that works best and the RESPeRATE device is an important component. I particularly like using RESPeRATE when I go to the doctor’s office for my monthly IV EDTA Chelation which can take 3 hours sometimes. It’s great to have the machine to relax and close my eyes so a bit of the time goes by.
Everyone asks me about it and I tell them what it is and what it does which they always seem interested. Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RESPeRATE. It is a lifesaver and anyone with hypertension or anxiety would do well to have one as an aid. I am so happy I found out about it. Thank you RESPeRATE and its inventors for coming up with a great device that really solves the problem. ”