RESPeRATE Is Highly Recommended.


Written by dev_ln

On June 27, 2019

“ I thoroughly recommend RESPeRATE to anyone who suffers from high blood pressure and I am quite happy to discuss what RESPeRATE has done for me with anyone interested. Some six or seven years ago, I was suffering badly with high blood pressure and suffering even more from the side effects of blood pressure medicines that I was being prescribed by my G.P. One doctor at my local G.P. surgery swore “they would never give me tablets to hurt me” – and I ended up on antibiotics for a urine infection directly due to this medicine; another lot of tablets gave me swollen joints and a third lot made me so breathless I could not climb a flight of stairs. My BP reached 200/100.Then a friend suggested the RESPeRATE method, which I have been using ever since, usually two or three times a week. Quite simply, it is brilliant.I am now 64 years old and made a new year’s resolution to lose weight and get fitter ”