An Important Part of My Day!


Written by dev_ln

On April 23, 2019

“ I’ve heard the advice for years — learn how to breathe more steadily and deeply, use your diaphragm, and reap rewards of calm, grounding, better circulation, and lower blood pressure. But, how? Breathwork on your own requires a focus and discipline that is very hard to really develop — there are so many distractions that get in the way.

Then I read an online review of RESPeRATE, and it made complete sense to me. I just needed a bit of extra, self-directed support in developing a practice — and I’m so glad to report that this machine provides exactly that. With its gentle tones and easy to use biofeedback system, I can quickly get my breathing into a parasympathetic, restorative state.

It’s become a critical part of my routine, and I’m grateful to have found it. It has helped with my blood pressure greatly. My breathing and my awareness of my breath have improved by leaps and bounds since I started using the device, and it has helped my energy and mental clarity, too. Thank you RESPeRATE! ”