Lower BP With No Meds!


Written by dev_ln

On June 27, 2019

“ I am a long-time user of RESPeRATE… about six years now. It has helped me to control my blood pressure but I have been unable to get off blood pressure medications. I recently discovered the secret to full control of my blood pressure and I want to share it with you because I think your users could benefit.
Firstly, I have been a longtime vegetarian and recently changed to vegan. There was an important part of my diet that I was missing. The sodium content of my diet is excessively high. I went on a mission to discover all the sodium in my supermarket. The sodium content of prepared foods and even simple crackers is obscene. I began to keep a salt diary which I would recommend. Some people don’t even realize that almond milk contains 175 mg of sodium per cup.
As I begin to decrease the sodium content of my diet, and at the same time stay faithful to my practice of using RESPeRATE, my blood pressure dropped…and I mean significantly dropped from 128/89 on 50 mg of losartan to 103/72. I am now on 25 mg of losartan and my blood pressure is still in the low 100’s and low to mid 70s. I anticipate that I’ll be off the medication soon.
So the reason I’m writing this is to bring attention to this very important issue. Traditional doctors will not tell you about it. Even with really good health habits I missed it. I am 66 years old and weigh 125 lbs. originally, my integrative physician in the Washington DC area suggested RESPeRATE, however he failed to mention the issue of salt. Together they are powerful combination to good health. ”