Lower BP No Side-Effects!


Written by dev_ln

On April 23, 2019

“I started to use RESPeRATE and it really worked for me. But then I put it away for 2 years. We had moved and my blood pressure went up. My new physician put me a blood pressure medication and it made me very sick. He tried a second and that made me sick as well. When they said they wanted to put me on a third, well that was it.

I got out my RESPeRATE and started using it twice daily. It helped to lower my blood pressure without side-effects. I recommend this device to friends and family. When I hear of someone struggling with blood pressure medication side effects, I always tell them about RESPeRATE.

I find my device not only helps me with my blood pressure but I also find it very relaxing. I started using it 30 minutes before bed and I am so relaxed afterward that I sleep very good. I really appreciate this device. I don’t believe that you always have to go the pharmacological route. I believe in the holistic approach to controlling my blood pressure. A good diet, exercise, and of course my RESPeRATE. Thank you RESPeRATE. ”