I am Calmer Throughout My Day


Written by dev_ln

On June 27, 2019

“ I started using RESPeRATE about eight years ago when my blood pressure became borderline high. I had gone to the Mayo Clinic website to see what lifestyle changes they recommended, and I was already doing everything except for their last suggestion, which was to use the RESPeRATE, so I bought one. Within a couple of months my blood pressure went down 5-10 points, so I continued to use it five days a week, and I noticed that I definitely felt calmer throughout the day. After a while I also noticed a correlation between how I slept and whether or not I used the RESPeRATE that day. On days when I used it, I’d fall asleep easily and stay that way all night. But without the RESPeRATE, I’d usually wake up at some point and toss and turn. So I now use it every day.
I’m really thankful it exists. ”