RESPeRATE Gave Me Amazing Results!

Eli Ben-Yehuda

Written by Eli Ben-Yehuda

On July 28, 2019

My name is Isaak Lakhin. Every year I have a check up with my doctor. In 2012, when I visited my doctor for a regular check up, he told me that I had high blood pressure 160/85. I was very astonished because I felt good. He gave me a prescription for treatment.

I had to take at minimum 2 sometimes 3 tablets daily. I asked him, “Maybe there is another choice?” Because I don’t like taking tablets for treatment. So I began taking every day – lizinopropill. But I kept searching the internet looking carefully for alternative treatments for high blood pressure.

Finally I found Israel company- RESPeRATE Inc and ordered – RESPeRATE. I began to use RESPeRATE every day and check my high blood pressure before and after using. My high blood pressure went down- from 164-162 to-125-120!!!

I had amazing results! Last two years I take it’s only one tablet daily Sometimes I don’t take tablets for high blood pressure because I have perfect high blood pressure. I think soon I stop taking medication because I filling perfect I use Resperate every day, sometimes 2 times daily, because I have often long working day and when I go to sleep I used Resperate to relieve fatigue, stress and fall asleep.

Sometimes I fall asleep with RESPeRATE and take it off Resperate only in the morning. I sent two RESPeRTAES to Russia to my close friend and my cousin they have problems with high blood pressure. Now they are happy , because RESPeRATE has helped them. When I go on vacation and have a flight abroad to Europe I always take RESPeRATE with me.

I used RESPeRATE when I have long flight. I want to express my great appreciation to Dr.B Gavish and E Gavish who invented RESPeRATE. In my personal opinion I am sure that RESPeRATE can help each person in the world. Because we live in stressful times RESPeRTAE use not only helps with lowering high blood pressure Resperate helps with fatigue, headaches, and helps me to sleep. Thanks again for the amazing RESPeRATE!! My big respect to your company.