RESPeRATE Is My Favorite Possession!

Eli Ben-Yehuda

Written by Eli Ben-Yehuda

On July 28, 2019

Maybe 10 years ago my husband’s coworker told him about a machine that lowers blood pressure naturally – the Resperate. He thought maybe it would help my migraines, so he bought me one. It quickly became what I referred to as “my favorite possession”. I even took it on a trip to Europe, and once was questioned by a very concerned flight attendant when I called it my breathing machine. I have tied various breathing apps and different YouTube Videos. Nothing comes close to my RESPeRATE!

The reason it became my favorite possession was because it was the only thing that would put me right to sleep when I desperately needed a nap after a bad night of sleep. I used to see an acupuncturist for years, for migraines (I never found a migraine cure, but over time I am doing much better). Every time the needles would go in, I’d be knocked out, fast asleep. I’d call it “going under”. Well unfortunately for my acupuncturist, as soon as I discovered the Resperate, I stopped seeing her because I could put myself “under” right in my own bed. As you know, catching up on sleep is a game changer, a marriage saver. RESPeRATE gave me my life back! Thank you so much!