RESPeRATE My Primary Cure!

Eli Ben-Yehuda

Written by Eli Ben-Yehuda

On July 28, 2019

Resperate was introduced to me by my husband when I was in the midst of my struggle with high blood pressure. My history was on the side of low blood pressure so this phenomenon was foreign to me. I had always been an active “high strung” person but never did I experience “high blood pressure”. Meditation was frequently suggested to me but my thought was “why should I waste my time sitting quietly with zero accomplished?” In this newly discovered health condition, I was forced to assess my thoughts and take action which I did with resistance.

My blood pressure is now under control and my sleep pattern has greatly improved. In fact I think at this point I think that Respirate can control one’s blood pressure with as in my case minimum medication but there is no long term assistance to significantly improve one’s sleep pattern with medication or any substance over the long term. I took medications galore even tried CBD as well as acupuncture but not one of these avenues was successful. The primary “cure” for my sleep was and is “Resperate”.

When I use this terminology however I am also indicating its use must be consistent and not sporadic. I am not a natural meditative but with the assistance of Resperate I have become a “Resperate Meditator”. The melodious musical recordings resonate with my system at a success level. I encourage others with a sleep dysfunction to bite the bullet such as I have done and consistently and persistently put forth the effort to gain satisfaction with their sleep pattern via use of Resperate.