RESPeRATE – Pursed Lips Breathing Technique

Eli Ben-Yehuda

Written by Eli Ben-Yehuda

On January 9, 2018

The following video demonstrates the Pursed Lips Breathing technique for improving your RESPeRATE session results.

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  1. Hi Eli,
    I’m a beginning Resparate user and have some questions for you. I left you a message to call me, so when you have time. Please call me at 415-864-0152. I will be home this Sunday, when you are back to work. I am figuring it out but am getting the message, that “I need to breathe more slowly and fully.” And not to hold my breath. My theraupetic breathing numbers are good.. always close to 14 per session, but my synchronization has only reached 60% one time and is always lower. My BP is still on the high side, but it seems to be coming down into the 140ties. Look forward to talking to you for support. I enjoy the little videos, they are helpful.
    Karen Apana a new user

    1. Dear Karen, For those clients who have difficulty pushing up the sync numbers, this is what I do. I do my sessions on my bed. I place the sensor belt 3 fingers above my navel and then tighten. I put my head on a pillow and start the session. I don’t look at the screen I just breathe evenly with the therapeutic tones. That keeps me in the 90% and above.

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