It is 5:00 A.M and I am awaken to the sound of rain on our rooftop. Not a gentle rain but a rain that washes all creation of its dinginess. I had so many plans set for my day. Wash the outside of the house for painting, rake the yard, and trim the bushes. Seems like I have a day off.

I still had the grocery shopping to do, so I was in the local grocers at 7:30 A.M. I don’t like crowds. While going through the checkout it happened again. The torrential downpour. Standing at the entrance to the store along with other fellow shoppers we starred at the rain, the parking lot, and our cars. You would think we were planning to cross a minefield. No one moved. But it wasn’t stopping and that’s when I decided to go into the rain. It was amazing!

Yes I was getting wet but I was smiling from ear to ear and even laughing a little to myself. Of course making sure the nice men with the butterfly nets were not watching me. Did I mention this was our first rainstorm in 6 months? So if you had plans but the rains seem to be washing them out, what can you do?

Time For A Lazy Day: We all need that day to sit back and do absolutely nothing. Just close your eyes and listen to the rain. What a shame, looks like we have to do yard work another day.

Dancing In The Rain: You need to dance in the rain at least once in your lifetime! It’s fun and it’s even better with your significant other.

Rainy Days Are Nap Days: What better way to spend a rainy day then sleeping all day? Perfect opportunity to nap. Underneath the blankets on the sofa or your bed, rainy days are the best for snoozing.

Watch Your Favorite Movie Or Series Minus The Guilt: Literally, we all watch Netflix or some kind of TV show or movie on a nice summer day, but I always end up feeling lazy and guilty about it. Thank you rain, for allowing my Netflix addiction be okay for the day. Lord Of The Rings here I come.

We All Need A Rainy Day Once In A While: Let’s be honest, we all secretly love rainy days because it gives us the time to catch up on indoor housework, being lazy, naps, and Netflix watching. So, really, rain rain come and stay..we don’t care if you stay for a day.

The rainy days create a soothing sound drowning out the shrillness of an urban environment, with traffic and construction sounds muffled. In a more pastoral setting, birds stop chirping and other forms of wildlife take refuge. The pitter-patter of rain has a rhythm and pattern, like a lullaby. So if it is raining wherever you are maybe it is time for a little you time. Make your favorite tea, sit by a window, and just drink in the wonders of a rainy day.

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