Mark Lucas, Colorado, USA

The results I got from using RESPeRATE were astounding and my doctor was truly astounded by the fact that I found something that works and the results speak for themselves. He can see the numbers when I’m in his office.

More importantly, I see the numbers every day when I check my blood pressure.

The blood pressure before RESPeRATE is probably somewhere in the area of around 150 over 90, that’s hypertension. I don’t know if it’s serious hypertension or not, I guess that’s for doctor’s guidelines, as far as what they consider normal but 150 over 90, maybe 150 over 100 is pretty high. So, I go in for my annual check-ups every year and blood pressure has never been a concern of mine. I’m a marathon runner, I’ve run eleven marathons, I know what it’s like to be in shape. And again, if there’s one issue I never thought I would have, is anything having to do with high blood pressure or the heart. But it was about four years ago, that I went into the doctor and we did the check-up and he told me that my blood pressure was high and that I have the option of either going on meds or trying to do it on my own.

I prefer… Well, preferred not to take meds. So, I tried it on my own and I tried exercising a little bit more, like marathon training isn’t enough, but I tried exercising a little bit more. I tried listening to relaxing music. I tried a whole bunch of things, as far as, you know, calming down, working on the stress, working on trying to get that blood pressure down, eating less salt, whatever, I did everything that I possibly could. And, then I went back in as per his instructions about six months later and the blood pressure was still high. It was somewhere in that 150 over 100, maybe 150 over 110. So, they finally put me on some meds and I tried a couple of meds over the next year or so. It lowered it a little bit, maybe 5 points or so. But not all that much. So, they wanted to up the meds and I really didn’t wanna do that. I believe all meds, at least many of them, have some side effects and maybe we don’t even know what those side effects are right now. But there are side effects to taking meds.

So, I’ve been seeing a therapist for the last number of years when it comes to having to deal, or how to deal with my stress and she had mentioned this product from RESPeRATE that is… You put the earbuds in your ears and you listen to the music and it kinda relaxes you and… At first, I was a little bit hesitant cause I thought, “Give me a break”. You know, it’s voodoo medicine or whatever, but I tried it. And, I found it very relaxing and I was using it a couple of times a day for the first few weeks. My wife is a nurse, so she… We have a blood pressure monitor here at the house and even with RESPeRATE, it didn’t seem like it was doing very much those first few weeks. And, I was starting to lose little patience thinking that maybe, “What’s going on here? I thought this was supposed to work”. But my therapist said, “No, give it a month or so”. And after about a month, I started noticing a difference when I looked at the numbers. The blood pressure came down considerably, probably by that 10 or 15 points. Now, I’ve been using it for about two years. I check my blood pressure, probably once a week. And, the blood pressure this morning was 110 over 79 and for the most part, it’s somewhere around 120 over 75, 120 over 80 and that’s been fairly consistent now for about two years. So, I’m very sold on this unit. It’s just hard to believe that something like that can work so effectively.

Most people breathe somewhere around 15-20 times per minute. I’m down now to, like 3 breaths per minute. So, I’m very sold on the product. I think a lot of people look at the cost and they’re thinking, “I’m not gonna spend that kinda money. It’s just too expensive”. But I went in and bought the unit and I’ve decided that I’m really gonna make a commitment. And now that I’ve been using it for two years, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. Well, that might be a stretch, but you know, there’s a lot of fun things that I’ve bought in my life but this is for my health. And as I’ve gotten older, I realized that, you know, there’s nothing more important than our health. I used to say that when I was younger but it didn’t really register because, you know, when you’re young, you’re thinking you got a long life ahead, right? Like to think I still have a long life ahead but it’s all about health and it truly is the best investment because it forces me to relax, I listen to it twice a day, the results speak for themselves, the blood pressure is in the range of 120 over 70, you know, give or take 5 or 8 points, that can vary every day. But, it’s always in the range and it’s in a healthy range. So, that’s the proof is in the pudding. The proof is in the results. And I can see the results when I check the blood pressure monitor that I have at home. I see it when I’m in the doctor’s office. It truly is the best investment that I have ever made in me.

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