Lower Pressure – Subscription

Greetings, RESPeRATE owners and especially US Veterans.

We have prepared an email-based program to help you maximize the benefits of RESPeRATE. The program guides you through the first few weeks, while you learn how to best use the device and gradually accumulate its therapeutic benefits.

Each week, you’ll receive a short videos delivered by email with helpful tips on how to best use RESPeRATE, measure blood pressure and answer the most frequently asked questions from prior users.

The first two videos are usually provided automatically for all those who buy directly from our website, prior to their RESPeRATE arrival, but you guys can watch them now and receive the rest via email.

We hope the videos and the program will be helpful in your journey to a healthier life.

To join the program, please subscribe in the form below the videos.

* A mobile app version of the program will be available later in the year.

Subscribe to your Lower Pressure Program here: