You would have to be living in a bubble, if by now you had not realized that smoking is hazardous to your health. Smoking not only is responsible for several serious cancers, heart disease, routine infections, anxiety and depression. But now research is showing that people who smoke have poorer sleep quality than non-smokers.After you quit smoking you begin to reverse the bad effects that smoking has had on your health. But for many quitting smoking would be as bad as quitting crack cocaine. For those who smoke though, research is now showing us how it is killing our sleep.So if your a smoker and have tried everything to end your insomnia the answer might be in your ashtray.There are primarily 6 ways that smoking destroys a smokers sleep. So we want to look at these one by one.Smokers have trouble falling asleep, and are more restless in the morning.When I was a smoker the last thing I did at night before I went to sleep was have a cigarette. It was also the first thing that I did in the morning. Nicotine is both drug and a stimulant. Meaning that if you smoke right up to bedtime, the odds of you having a great nights sleep decreases. Research shows that for every cigarette you smoke, you lose approximately 1.2 minutes of sleep.“Current smokers (CS) reported significantly less total sleep time, longer sleep onset latency, increased difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep, and waking up earlier than desired when compared to NS. Former smokers reported disturbances similar to NS and CS experienced poorer sleep than nonsmokers.”Smokers wake up more frequently than non-smokers.Researchers at John Hopkins University performed research with 40 smokers and 40 non-smokers in 2008.  Of the non-smoking group only 5% reported having difficulties falling asleep. That would translate to 2 individuals out of the 40. While in the smoking group 22.5% reported difficulties with restless sleep. That would translate to about 9 people out of 40.  The non smoking group was found to have better restorative sleep than the smoking group.Smokers have an increased risk of sleep apnea.According to one study if you are a smoker you are 2.5 times more likely to develop obstructive sleep apnea than you non- smoking counterpart. Researchers stated, “Nightly nicotine withdrawal as well as other respiratory and pulmonary effects of smoking may result in sleep-disordered breathing, especially obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). We hypothesize that there is higher prevalence of smoking in patients with OSA. We also hypothesize that smoking is an independent risk factor for OSA.”As you can see smoking short changes your night sleep in many ways. Quitting smoking will definitely improve your health and may also help you get the proper sleep that you need. Is quitting smoking hard? For some people yes it can be a nightmare. For others it is much easier. If you need assistance on ways to quit smoking click here.I actually watched Allen Carr’s video and have been smoke free for 3 years after watching this video. You can succeed. The proof that millions have done so can give you the strength to know it can be done. If you have any suggestions about upcoming articles contact me Eli at [email protected]    

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