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New film aims to get high blood pressure on the frontline to prevent stroke.

The “Stop Strokes Movement” is another innovative effort to come out of the U.S. in efforts to fight the high blood pressure epidemic and to prevent stroke ─ the third leading cause of death and number one cause of long-term disability.

According to statistics high blood pressure, a leading cause of stroke, affects one out of three Americans, 1 out of 2 African Americans and 4.5 out of 10 Hispanics. The Movement will therefore start its campaign by focusing on African-American communities who are the hardest hit.

Towards this aim, Roger Caldwell, movement organizer and owner of On Point Media, has teamed up with My Christian Films to produce a documentary about high blood pressure and Central Florida’s African American community.

Caldwell, a stroke survivor, explained that no one is discussing the crisis of hypertension in the African American community with any urgency. He hopes the documentary will inform, educate and raise awareness about high blood pressure and strokes and says “everyone must be engaged in the Stop Strokes Movement.” It also aims to teach the Black community that they can control their blood pressure and prevent strokes.

The documentary, “High Blood Pressure: A State of Emergency in the African American Community,” reveals strokes as a “silent killer’’ and features prominent Central Florida African American residents who are recovering stroke survivors. Those who agreed to participate in the project include former CBS News weatherman and anchor Mark McEwen; nationally renowned Jazz singer Jacqueline Jones; the Rev. Randolph Bracy, former president of the Orange County Branch of NAACP and founder of New Covenant Baptist Church; and local political activist Barbara Young.

“The objective of the documentary is to initiate a lifestyle transformation within our communities, heighten the awareness of high blood pressure, and encourage those at risk to visit doctors and become proactive about their health,’’ Caldwell explained. “We all have the opportunity to live a life of optimum health, if we make the right choices.”

The documentary is due to be released by the end of this year (2013).


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