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Magdalena Munro, CA, USA

My name is Magdalena Munro and I have been using RESPeRATE for close to five years.Before using the machine, I was diagnosed with hypertension and was on a fairly strong dose of medication to manage my hypertension. I am fit and not overweight. My condition is hereditary as many people in my family suffer from hypertension.

When I began using the machine diligently (once per day), I found that my numbers dropped by 5-10%, however, I continued taking my medication. It seemed like a nice tool to have in conjunction with my medicine regimen as it lowered the numbers. In July of 2009 I became pregnant and used the machine 3 x a day and was on a very weak form of hypertension medicine approved for pregnancy. By the end of my pregnancy, my physician and midwife began to question whether in fact I had hypertension as my numbers were so low.

I’m still using my machine although it’s hard to be as diligent now that I have a two year old and my hypertension is fully managed. I am no longer on the heavy duty meds and am on a very light dose of a weaker pill.

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