RESPeRATE Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

RESPeRATE is the only FDA-cleared, non-drug medical device clinically proven to lower blood pressure.

Clinically Proven.
Doctor Recommended.

RESPeRATE’s safety & efficacy was demonstrated in 50+ published clinical trials

For years, physicians have prescribed RESPeRATE to lower blood pressure. Now, it’s cleared by FDA for purchase without a prescription (OTC).

Dr. Joseph Marek, MD Cardiologist & Hypertension Specialist

Dr. Joseph Marek, MD Cardiologist & Hypertension Specialist

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RESPeRATE Ultra - lower blood pressure naturally - no side effects


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We’ve helped over 250,000 people reduce their blood pressure SIGNIFICANTLY to levels that amazed their doctors.

RESPeRATE review by Dr. Joseph Marek, MD

Patients love it when they have it. I use it myself

Dr. Joseph Marek, MD

Cardiologist & Hypertension Specialist

“Do I recommend RESPeRATE? Yes, I do. I recommend it to my patients. My family members use it. I used it. People don’t like to take medications. They are looking for natural ways to treat blood pressure. I’ve been specializing in hypertension for over 35 years. RESPeRATE is the only non-drug, non life-style change that’s been effective.“

RESPeRATE review by Dr. Cynthia Thaik, MD

My patients are really
benefiting from RESPeRATE

Dr. Cynthia Thaik, MD


“My patients are really benefiting from RESPeRATE. They’re able to lower their blood pressure without being on medication. It has absolutely no contraindications, and no side effects so there’s no downside to it.“

RESPeRATE review by Dr. Henry Black M.D. | Past-President American Society of Hypertension

I am very excited

Dr. Henry Black M.D. | Past-President American Society of Hypertension

“I am very happy to say that my colleagues and I on the scientific advisory board, and others, have helped direct the evaluation program sessions that this device is now FDA approved for the management of high blood pressure.”

   $105 FREE Extras. Ends Soon.
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Risk-free Order: 60 day money back guarantee

A one-time payment of $349.95 or pay in 4 interest-free installments of

$87.49 + Free S&H

Includes: Computerized unit, breathing sensor, earbuds, pouch, batteries, embedded tutorials, user guides + a 1-year warranty


Did FDA find RESPeRATE effective in lowering blood pressure?

Yes. The FDA has granted RESPeRATE a specific blood pressure lowering indication after it successfully completed the clinical trials designated by the agency. RESPeRATE is the only medical device with such an indication and the only hypertension treatment available without a prescription (OTC). See FDA 510K# K020399

Is RESPeRATE validated by published clinical studies?

RESPeRATE safety and efficacy in lowering blood pressure were demonstrated repeatedly in 16 separate clinical research studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

American Heart Association scientific statement on non-drug treatments concluded that “The overall evidence from clinical trials and meta-analyses suggests that device-guided slow breathing can significantly lower blood pressure.” see links below.

To see all 16 studies see clinical proof

Will RESPeRATE help me avoid medications?

Yes, in many ways. Many of our customers were able to lower their blood pressure so their doctors were able to avoid placing them on medication in the first place, add medications or increase the dosage. Others were able to work with their doctors to decrease their medication dosage and even come off them completely (step-down procedure). In any case, it is very important that you do NOT change your medication regime without your doctor’s consent. To download a clinical information package for your doctor click here

How quickly will I see results?

You will feel RESPeRATE relaxing effects within a few sessions. Some users see a change in blood pressure right after the session in the first week. An all-day, lasting blood pressure can be expected within 3-4 weeks of proper use.

Is RESPeRATE suitable for everyone?

Yes, but people with the conditions listed below should first consult their physician.

The FDA labeling specifically indicates that “RESPeRATE can be safely used in conjunction with medications and lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise.” and it has no contraindications and there are no known side effects. Since RESPeRATE is a device and not a drug, there is no concern for drug interactions.

It is important that you consult with your physician before using RESPeRATE if you suffer or have suffered in the past from: Active ischemic heart disease/unstable angina, bradycardia, severe congestive heart failure, chronic atrial fibrillation, stroke resulting in permanent impairment, chronic renal failure, severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis and emphysema, major organ failure, sleep paralysis, have a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant.

It is advisable not to use RESPeRATE while driving or operating heavy machinery since people may fall asleep during sessions.

Is RESPeRATE covered by Insurance?

The RESPeRATE is cleared by the FDA and IS eligible for reimbursement by Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Saving Account (HSA) plans. RESPeRATE is not yet covered by Medicare but might be covered by your medical insurance plan.

Why buy here vs. Amazon?

We are the manufacturer of RESPeRATE. When you buy on Amazon it’s really our storefront at higher prices as they are a middleman. Buying directly from this website or by calling us you get the best price and full 60-day return policy (for any reason) without any restocking fees. At Amazon, you’ll only get their standard 30-day guarantee. Furthermore, we also offer a three easy payment plan option and ship you the unit right after the first payment. No matter where you decided to buy, we WILL provide you unlimited and caring phone support to ensure you lower your blood pressure.

What is RESPeRATE?

RESPeRATE is a portable electronic device that guides the user to slow, deep breathing with prolonged exhalation. RESPeRATE is cleared by the FDA for lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. It is not a drug and clinically proven. It’s available without a prescription.

how does RESPeRATE work?

RESPeRATE’s breathing sensor, placed on the upper abdomen, automatically analyzes your breathing pattern and creates a personalized melody composed of two distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones. It is defined by some medical experts as a bio-feedback device.

How do I use RESPeRATE?

Simply listen to the melody through the headphones, and the body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms will enable you to easily synchronize your breathing to the guiding tones. By gradually prolonging the exhalation tone to slow down breathing, RESPeRATE leads you to the therapeutic zone of fewer than 10 breaths per minute with prolonged exhalation.

How does RESPeRATE lower blood pressure?

Within a few minutes of the breathing session, the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels in the body relax, blood flows more freely, and blood pressure is significantly reduced. While breathing returns to normal after each session with RESPeRATE, the beneficial impact on blood pressure accumulates. Within three to four weeks, a significant, lasting reduction in blood pressure occurs.

Does RESPeRATE have a long term effect?

Provided it is used for the recommended time of at least 40 minutes per week, blood pressure will remain lowered between sessions. RESPeRATE will not reduce blood pressure under the normal; it has a normalizing effect. RESPeRATE’s blood pressure lowering effect has been validated to the point it is now recommended by the American Heart Association 2013 Scientific statement on non-pharmacological treatments for hypertension.

Is there a RESPeRATE App?

Yes & No. 2breathe Technologies, the company that manufactures and distributes RESPeRATE has developed a mobile App called “2breathe”. The 2breathe App, together with a BLE sensor, guides the user to slow breathing. The App uses the same technology used in the RESPeRATE, but it never went through clinical trials and so, cannot claim to lower blood pressure. The 2breathe / Resperate App is recommended for relaxation and sleeplessness.