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Thank you, Thank you!  I am sleeping much better.

I’m an ER doctor so having enough sleep is crucial for my patients and I. Unfortunately, I’ve  suffered from insomnia for many years now.

2breathe has given me the tools to regulate my breathing which I really do think was the cause of my years of insomnia.

Here are the details.

I typically go to bed at 10 PM and fall asleep my own rather quickly (or at least I thought so). Most of my problems are waking up and hour and a half later and not being able to fall asleep again.

scientist-womanJody M.D, 54

Too long to fall asleep

Midnight wake ups



Jasbir Deol M.D, 79



Side effects

RESPeRATE has been a God send to me. I have used RESPeRATE faithfully for 16 years. For me RESPeRATE has passed the most important test. The Test of time.

As a cardiac, trauma, and general surgeon, my life was very stressful at times. In 2000, I was taking a beta-blocker, a diuretic, and an  ace inhibitor to regulate my high blood pressure. Concerned with potential side effects, I looked for an alternative to the medications, and that is when I read about RESPeRATE. I had read the book, “Mayo Clinic on High Blood: Pressure Taking Charge of Your High Blood Pressure” By Sheldon Sheps M.D.  In this book the Mayo Clinic recommended RESPeRATE for the treatment of high blood pressure. As a surgeon, for me, the Mayo Clinic is the ultimate medical facility in the world, and if they recommended it I was going to try it. I can tell you that this device has been a God send to me. 2 weeks after using the machine my blood pressure started to trend down. 8 weeks after I started using the device I was taken off my ACE inhibitor. If I do not use it I do not feel well that day. RESPeRATE replicates the “Pranayama Yoga” art of breathing. RESPeRATE works by accessing the parasympathetic nervous system and it lowers your blood pressure. To me it is very relaxing. I also use it to induce sleep. RESPeRATE puts my sympathetic nervous system to sleep and wakes up my parasympathetic system. I am usually asleep in 30 minutes. I would recommend this device to friends, family, colleagues and you the reader. I have used RESPeRATE faithfully for 16 years. For me RESPeRATE has passed the most important test. The Test of time.

With RESPeRATE I am Calmer Throughout My Day

I started using Resperate about eight years ago when my blood pressure became borderline high.  I had gone to the Mayo Clinic website to see what lifestyle changes they recommended, and I was already doing everything except for their last suggestion, which was to use the Resperate, so I bought one.  Within a couple of months my blood pressure went down 5-10 points, so I continued to use it five days a week, and I noticed that I definitely felt calmer throughout the day.   After a while I also noticed a correlation between how I slept and whether or not I used the Resperate that day.  On days when I used it, I’d fall asleep easily and stay that way all night.  But without the Resperate, I’d usually wake up at some point and toss and turn.  So I now use it every day.  I’m really thankful it exists.


Phyllis Shea, 56

Vermont USA



Fall asleep

Stay asleep

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