Low blood pressure can trigger heart attacks

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Usually on this blog and newsletter we discuss the problems that high blood pressure can cause on the human body. Anything from stroke, renal failure and heart attack. But a new study shows that having low blood pressure can trigger heart attacks as well as high blood pressure. According to the study a normal blood pressure is 120 systolic/80 diastolic. You are considered to have high blood pressure once the numbers are 140/80 and have an increased risk of heart attack. But once the numbers go to 120/70 your chances of where associated with death, heart attack, and hospitalization for heart failure.

According to the study in which 22,672 people from 45 countries who had heart disease and who were also on medication for high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension were followed.

Professor Kim Fox, co-author of the study and head of the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London, says in a statement: “This analysis, which involved over 22,000 patients with coronary disease and hypertension, confirms the importance of treating high blood pressure.

“However it also cautions against over-enthusiastic blood pressure control. Blood pressures generally considered normal, and below 120/70, may be too low in patients with coronary disease and treated hypertension.

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