Kava is well known for its’ mind and body relaxation properties and that makes it the ideal herbal supplement for those who have trouble getting to or staying asleep. So if you have problems meeting the Sand Man, here’s why you might like to consider making kava your new nightcap.

There are lots of reasons people sometimes find it hard to get to or stay asleep. One of the most common causes of sleep problems is stress. When the stresses of the normal working day or life are high, it’s common for your mind to race and you over-think all the issues you are dealing with. The result is an inability to get to sleep or a fretful night of tossing and turning only to awake still feeling tired in the morning.

If that resonates with you, then kava could be your new best friend. A drink of kava will quiet the mind and calm you down. The active ingredients in kava root, kavalactones, affect the brain’s limbic system. Within the limbic system is the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for regulating feelings of fear and anxiety. The kavalactones in kava have been shown to bind to the receptors in the amygdala and this is thought to be the reason why kava calms the mind and generates feelings of an improved sense of wellbeing – perfect for getting to sleep.

Another reason people often suffer from an interrupted night’s sleep is due to body aches and pains. Here again, a drink of kava can be the solution. Kava has also been proven to relax muscle tension by making your limbs feel heavy.

It’s best prepared and consumed a couple hours before you plan to sleep, preferably before you eat or 2-3 hours afterward as kava’s effectiveness is greatly diminished on a full stomach. When drinking Kava, whether it’s from the traditionally prepared root or a flavored instant kava, your body will begin to relax. The stress from the day will melt away naturally and you’ll be nothing but a pile of goo ready for a great night sleep!

As you continue to use Kava as a “nightcap” so to speak, you don’t have to worry about diminishing effects. With many other products and medications, your body can get “used” to them, requiring you to take heavier dosages to get the same beneficial results. That’s not the case with kava. Kava does not work that way, it’s an adaptogen which means that it enhances the body’s natural response to physical and emotional stress, so you may even find you need to drink less kava for the same results as time goes on. And there are no addictive qualities to drinking kava, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

In conclusion, Kava is a natural way to combat any general inability to sleep due to stress, worry, body aches or muscle tension. In our fast-paced, ever-changing global world, there is a lot to get the mind racing and make your body tense and stressed. When we’re constantly on edge and challenged it is a challenge to get a good night’s sleep. So, it’s nice to know that kava is a natural herb that you can turn to when anticipating a restless night.

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