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September 27, 2023

New Sleep Hacks You Should Try Tonight!

Young man sleeping peacefully at night

New Sleep Hacks You Should Try Tonight!

Once upon a time sleep was something I could only dream of, but not anymore. In a hectic and busy lifestyle, working until midnight every night I have found a few tricks that helps me fall asleep quickly. One of the things I did find is that I am very sensitive to light when I fall asleep.

The naturopathic doctor I was seeing told me the first thing I need to do is make my room dark. Not semi-dark but pitch black. So at bedtime, I hang a heavy black curtain over my window turning the room into a cave. It works amazing. He told me any amount of light even if I have my eyes closed will cause sleep disturbance.I want to share with you other tricks I have tried that have really helped me fall asleep, and in most cases fall asleep quickly. Here are some more sleep hacks!

Sleep Hacks

The 4-7-8 Method

The 4-7-8 method is very simple to use and may fall in line with other breathing exercises. Now for some people breathing in rhythm is difficult to do, so they may need assistance in doing so. But for me, I make myself comfortable in bed by lying on my back. The room is darkened, I close my eyes and begin by breathing in slowly for 4 seconds. I then hold my breath for a count of 7. Then I proceed to slowly blow out the air for a count of 8. I repeat this process for 5 repetitions and usually fall asleep within 5-7 minutes. Now for some people counting and concentrating in their mind can be a monkey for them, which may cause them thinking. But try it and see what it does for you.

Pranayama Breathing

Another breathing exercise I have found helpful is pranayama breathing. It is believed that By controlling the act of breathing you can efficiently control all the various motions in the body and the different nerve-currents that are running through the body. You can easily and quickly control and develop body, mind, and soul through breath-control or the control of Prana.

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There are different types of pranayama breathing but I will share this one with you. Start by laying down comfortably in bed. Lights out, darkened room, breath in one and slowly exhale through a cleansing breathe. Now take your thumb of your right hand and close your right nostril. Gently begin breathing in and out through your left nostril for 26 cycles. A cycle is considered to be 1 in breathe and 1 out breathe. You may repeat until drowsy. This exercise has really been effective for me in falling asleep. Most breathing exercises are very beneficial for me but I also practice vipassana meditation in the morning.


Well being as I mentioned let’s take a look at it. Sometimes when it has been an unusually hectic day, clients have bombarded me with questions, and deadlines are closing in on me the best thing I can do to clear my head is sit and do nothing. Well, that’s what it may look like but it is not.I sit and monitor the breath in a small triangle below my nostrils and my upper lip. Concentrating on nothing but breathe thoughts come and thoughts go. If you try to stop them they get louder. As D.T Suzuki once said to a student, “Thoughts will come and thoughts will go. The most important thing is not to invite them to sit for tea.” I do this for about 30 minutes and my mind and body relax.

The Use Of White Noise

I cannot sleep in a completely quiet room. It seems that in complete silence my ears start straining to hear the minutest of sounds. For example, the ant crawling across the wooden floor. So to give my brain something to listen to I give it the low hum of a fan. I have used this trick since I was a child. Monsters trying to come of your bedroom closet to eat you, run at the sound of a whirling fan blade. Even when I stay in a hotel when I travel, or go on vacation I always request a fan for the bedroom. Yes even if it is below freezing outside.

Lavender Oil

It is amazing to me how our olfactory senses can help us relax. For example, how many of you can remember the smell of your grandmother”s house? Sometimes when I am in a mall with friends walking around I will catch this smell that will remind me of the times in her home. You are flooded with fond memories and somehow everything just relaxes. For me it is the same with lavender. Just a few tiny drops on a satchel that I can put under my pillow is so soothing and relaxing. In between this and the other guardians I have set up in the bedroom, I definitely will sleep well.

So there you have it. But there are so many different ways to fall asleep naturally that we do not always have to resort to medications.

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