Postpartum anxiety and high Blood Pressure

You’re in My Space!

“Personal space” that causes stress when invaded, can be measured.

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New Procedure for Resistant Hypertension

Medical company’s latest renal denervation procedure cuts procedure time by 80%.

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hypertension may cause headache

People Are Unaware They Have Hypertension.

A new global study, published by JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, says that not only are many people with hypertension unaware of their condition, but those that do are not receiving enough treatment.

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Marriage linked to lower blood pressure

Happy Marriages Mean Better Health

Couples who fight should get help, happy marriages keep you healthy for the long-term.

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Is Fructose Raising your Blood Pressure?

High fructose levels raises uric acid and thereby hypertension risk

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Effects of SPRINT blood pressure trials

From Advanced Blood Pressure Cuffs to Hi-Tech Monitors

It is essential for people suffering with hypertension to always have a hypertension bracelet so that in case they are hit with a stroke or any immediate condition

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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices

Know Your Blood Pressure Numbers?

In 2001, leading charity Blood Pressure UK launched “Know your Numbers! Week,” an annual, nationwide event aimed at increasing awareness and improving access to free blood pressure checks.

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Things you need to know about Blood Pressure

Educated People More Willing to Get Healthy

Educated, middle-aged people with new medical conditions are more willing to get healthy.

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