Blood Pressure Medication causes Sexual side effects

The Sexual Side Effects of Your High Blood Pressure Medication

Published on December 4, 2016

In order for an erection to occur, there has to be activation of beta-receptors in the tissues of the penis and arteries of the penis. Notice the name BETA-BLOCKERS…

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High Blood Pressure can cause Erectile Dysfunction

High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

Published on December 4, 2016

 A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that about 49% of men ages 40 to 79 with high blood pressure had erectile dysfunction.

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Dark chocolate foods that lower Blood Pressure

Eating Dark Chocolate Lowers Your Blood Pressure.

Published on November 22, 2016

Research that was done in Jordan shows a definite link between chocolate consumption and lower blood pressure.

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Turkey and Potato Curry Recipe

Turkey & Potato Curry.

Published on November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! Turkey, turkey,turkey. So what do we do with those turkey leftovers come Friday? He is a wonderful recipe for you to use for a warm and delicious way to spoil yourselves post turkey day.

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Healthy Broccoli Salad Recipe

Broccoli Salad With Creamy Feta Dressing.

Published on November 13, 2016

Today’s recipe comes from, “Everyday Health”. For a splendid springtime Meatless Monday meal, this easy and delicious salad recipe can’t be beat.

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Does Asparagus Lower Blood Pressure

Does Asparagus Lower Blood Pressure?

Published on October 27, 2016

Research shows that green Asparagus Reduces High Blood Pressure. The researchers concluded that the 2-hydroxynicotianamine in asparagus “may be one of the factors inhibiting ACE activity in the kidney, thus preventing hypertension and preserving renal function

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Smart Smoothies lowers High Cholesterol

Smart Smoothies When You Have High Cholesterol.

Published on October 23, 2016

Here are smoothie recipes to help lower your cholesterol and relieve the unnecessary burden our hearts have to carry.

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Healthy Chicken and White Bean Soup Recipe

Chicken and White Bean Soup.

Published on October 19, 2016

I love chicken soup so try this wonderful chicken white bean soup without the added fat and salt. Serve with a salad, whole grain bread, and a small glass of a dry red whine.

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Broccoli and sunflower seed reduces hypertension

Broccoli With Caramelized Onions and Pine Nuts.

Published on October 16, 2016

I love my vegetables raw, baked, steamed an especially now being diagnosed with hypertension they will play and important part of my recovery. So try this new recipe.

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Heart Healthy Kale With Apples and Mustard Recipes

Kale With Apples and Mustard.

Published on October 13, 2016

Would you like something tasty and heart healthy? Here is a new recipe for you to try at home that is sure to tickle your taste-buds and make your heart smile.

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Carrot Apple Ginger Juice regulates blood sugar levels and promotes hair growth

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Published on September 14, 2016

From our last article we discussed the benefits of adding ginger to your diet to help lower your blood pressure. Now for most people eating raw ginger is a little to spicy so here is a juice recipe that is a little less invasive.

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Eating nuts can lower and maintain Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart problems, and many more

Going Nuts To Stay Healthy

Published on September 12, 2016

Whether is is cashews, pistachios, walnuts, or Brazil nuts, nuts are just healthy.

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