Written by:Eli Ben-Yehuda, June 30, 2018

High blood pressure effects so many people. It does not matter your race, gender,or cultural background, high blood pressure comes for everyone. So what can you do to help yourself lower high blood pressure or prevent it?

We are pleased to invite you to our new “Lower Pressure Group“!

What is Lower Pressure?

Watch How Mark Lowered His Blood Pressure Naturally. It Was 150/100. Now It’s 110/79.
Learn How Mark Lowered his Blood Pressure Naturally

Lower Pressure is a (closed) Facebook group that is aimed at helping people who suffer or are at risk of high blood pressure.

What will you find in the group?

  • Interesting discussions on heart health-related topics
  • Healthy Recipes and Dietary News
  • Blood pressure related articles from our bi-weekly newsletter
  • Customer support for ReSPERATE and 2breathe Users
  • Information and announcements about our products

  • How can you join?

    Simply visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lowerpressure/ and click ‘join’!

    We hope that we can start productive discussions about the many challenges we come across, living with high blood pressure, and we invite you to join us, building a supportive, caring community.


    Eli and Moran, RESPeRATE team


    About RESPeRATE – Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally.
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    Get 10 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure.

    Get 10 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure.

    You will also receive our bi-weekly RESPeRATE Journal.
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