Written by:Eli Ben-Yehuda, July 3, 2017
There is a cabin in the woods that is nestled on the sleepy shore of a crystal clear mountain lake. The waves lap the shore with a relaxing melody. The loons call as I sit on my front porch rocking chair. . . Drifting off to sleep.  

About 2breathe – how to fall asleep fast

2breathe is a smart device that helps you sleep better by reducing the pre-sleep tension, the main cause for falling asleep and mid-night wake ups issues.

All you have to do is breathe following the guiding tones composed just for you. Within minutes, neural sympathetic activity is reduced relaxing your mind & body toward sleep. With as little as 10-minutes a day you can fall asleep effortlessly within days. Wake up more refreshed and experience better sleep within a few weeks.

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