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December 28, 2023

Health Benefits Turmeric – Just One Teaspoon A Day

Health Benefits Turmeric - Just One Teaspoon A Day

Health Benefits Turmeric – Just One Teaspoon A Day

Though it may be unfamiliar to many people, but those who know about turmeric are well aware of its health benefits. In fact, they know that just one teaspoon per day of this “Queen of all spices,” which has been prevalent in natural medicine for some 4,000 years, will help keep inflammation, pain, toxins and even some cancers at bay.

Turmeric has long been known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and detoxification properties, but recent studies have indicated that this spice can also be used to effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease


Here are seven ways that just a spoonful of turmeric a day can prove to be your secret miracle spice.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Battling inflammation naturally

As you may know, chronic inflammation is believed to be at the root of many modern illnesses. Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, has been found by researchers to be a very effective and potent anti-inflammatory, even exceeding the performance of drugs intended to fight inflammation.

Brain protection

Turmeric can protect against the development of cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, two conditions often associated with Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF, a type of growth hormone. Scientists have discovered that curcumin positively affects the BDNF levels in the brain, and may delay or even reverse a number of brain diseases or age-related degenerative conditions.

Risk reduced for several types of cancer

In reality, turmeric could very well be one of the most potent natural anti-cancer agents there is. Not only can it prevent the growth of cancer cells, but it also blocks the development and spread of cancer and, some believe, may even hold the cure for several cancers.

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Improve your digestion

Daily consumption of turmeric can reduce gas and bloating, stimulate the gallbladder and prevent inflammation of the digestive tract. That said, turmeric should not be taken on a daily basis by people suffering from gallbladder disease, as the over-stimulating properties of turmeric can worsen that condition.

Heart health

Curcumin can reduce LDL – or bad cholesterol – which will then prevent blood clotting, while removing arterial plaque buildup.

Eases arthritis

Scientists admit that more research is needed in this particular use of turmeric, however, that said, many people have reported various levels of improvement in this condition when they consume a teaspoon of the queen of spices per day. The theory is that the curcumin in turmeric helps battle chronic inflammation and thereby reduces the pain associated therewith. Some even say that curcumin supplements work much better than over-the-counter or prescription medications aimed at reducing inflammation – and all without any side-effects.

Delays aging and increases longevity

Being able to live longer and stay healthier seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. One of the secrets to achieving this may lie in magical turmeric. Free radicals and inflammation are both believed to cause premature aging, and curcumin has proven in many cases to reverse those conditions.

Turmeric contains phytochemicals and nutrients with several beneficial effects such as protecting body organs from damage, reducing cholesterol levels, improving blood-vessel health, controlling inflammation, combating infection, and more.

Curcumin, turmeric’s most precious component, is very effective against cancer, too. It prevents the formation of, and neutralizes free radicals, or molecules that destroy other molecules in healthy cells and tissues.

It enhances the effect of antioxidant enzymes in the body and also acts as an antioxidant itself. It stops DNA changes that lead to cancer, as well as interfere with enzymes that are needed for cancer progression.

Something to be aware of is that curcumin, turmeric’s most active and healing compound, is not well-absorbed by the body. One way to improve absorption is to add just a pinch of black pepper to your teaspoon of turmeric.

If you are currently taking blood thinners please consult your physician before using. Turmeric decreases clotting time so those on blood thinners should be advised before using.

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10 Replies to “Health Benefits Turmeric – Just One Teaspoon A Day”

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to find if a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder on a daily basis is Good? Is seven times a week good or three times a week is good? I do not want to take too much of this powder, not knowing the side effects. I would like to say thank you in this matter.

    Martin G.

    1. Hi Martin, I would advise that you follow the directions that are provided on the label. If you are
      taking anti-coagulants I would avoid turmeric. It will cause excessive bleeding. Kindest Regards, Eli, Content Manager.

    2. I have been doing much research on turmeric. If your talking about pure turmeric don’t take it every day. Everyday is to much. Tumeric in capsules is 4xday, however that is not
      pure turmeric. Many say to take turmeric 2x daily, adding some black pepper to lighten the tast. I am not a Dr per say.

      1. Eli, can I take a teaspoon of turmeric spice that I use for cooking? How much black pepper should I add? Do you just dilute it in water?

  2. Will be 80 on my next birthday, have taken Turmeric for decades, along with 90,000-,160,000 heat units Cayenne pepper….Have never had a sickness, take no prescription drugs……….And get this, have never been to a doctor for a sickness….I eat healthy…..

    1. Hi David! Congratulations on your great health! Tell us more please! Do you take the turmeric by the teaspoon? With meals? Do you also add black pepper? So you take any other supplements? What type of diet do you prefer:Westin Price, Paleo, Blue zones do you eat only truly pastures animal meat or does that matter to you? Are you a vegetarian?
      I know, too many question; but I want to do what you are doing!!
      I hope you see this and respond
      Thanks so much and again, congratulations on your good health!

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