February 14, 2024

Get the Best Natural Cures for Insomnia

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Get the Best Natural Cures for Insomnia

Homeopathy might help in the treatment of Insomnia issues. The natural Homeopathic medicines have zero side-effects and work to strike out the root cause of Insomnia. Although science have mixed results, homeopathy patients find it beneficial in both inducing sleep as well as improving the quality of sleep. What’s more, the Homeopathic medicines for Insomnia do not carry any risk of dependency and can easily be stopped when complete recovery has taken place.

Coffea Cruda

Natural Homeopathic medicine Coffea Cruda is considered the best homeopathic medicine for sleeplessness. It tackles Constant thoughts, repetition of thoughts and unusual over-activity of the brain. Coffee Cruda is also the best Homeopathic medicine for dealing with disturbance of sleep from dreams.

The other symptoms that point towards the use of Coffea are restless sleep, waking up suddenly, and sleeplessness from abuse of coffee. Coffee is also one of the top natural Homeopathic medicine for Insomnia that follows acute diseases.

Kali Phos

Homeopathic practitioners use Kali Phos to treat Insomnia from stress, anxiety, and worrying. Science have not found significant proof to that yet, but practitioners report positive reports.

DO NOT use kali phos if you are pregnant as using it can cause contractions.

The stress may be related to studies, business or health issues. Kali Phos is also very beneficial in the treatment of Insomnia that results from over-working or exerting the mind. Sleeplessness from nervous fatigue, over-study, and mental work in excess all guide towards the use of Kali Phos as a cure. Kali Phos is also the top Homeopathic remedy for Insomnia induced by a drained-out mind.

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is the top Homeopathic remedy for persons who have no difficulty in falling asleep but find it difficult to maintain sleep. Such persons fall asleep easily but wake up around 3 am or so, after which they are unable to sleep.

Nux Vomica is also a very beneficial natural Homeopathic remedy for Insomnia from abuse of stimulants like caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. Insomnia from business tensions also points towards the use of Nux Vomica. It was proven in the same study with the Coffee Cruda.

Sleep disturbed because of nightmares and anxious dreams (amorous dreams, hurried dreams, dreams of misfortune like accidents) are the other peculiar symptoms for using Nux Vomica.

On the other hand, Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla is the best cure for those who find it difficult to sleep. Here, the person cannot fall asleep for long hours after retiring to bed. And when it’s time to get up in the morning, he or she goes into a sound sleep.

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For Children

Cina, Chamomilla, and Borax are the top three Homeopathic medicines for Insomnia in children. Cina is the best Homeopathic cure when the child is restless with tossing in bed at night. The child also cries and screams at night. Cina is also a very beneficial natural Homeopathic remedy when the child falls asleep only when rocked excessively.

Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla is of great help for curing sleeplessness in children resulting from colic, earaches and from dentition ailments.

On the other hand, Borax is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for insomnia in children who sleep well during the day but are sleepless at night. Borax is also an excellent Homeopathic medicine for insomnia children who cry, shriek and wake up suddenly, as from frightening dreams.

Many homeopathic medicines have demonstrated activity helping to correct sleep abnormalities, but finding the correct medicine for an individual case requires the proper application of homeopathic principles in that selection process.

Routine analysis of several current homeopathic repertories reveals over 460 different homeopathic medicines. In considering which to use it may be wise to consult a homeopathic practitioner near you.

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