Written by:Eli Ben-Yehuda, November 28, 2018

Dark chocolate keeps many diseases and health disorders away and is even considered healthier than fruit juice.

Researchers list 4 ways through which consumption of dark chocolate can keep you fit and healthy

Dark chocolate

Reduces blood pressure/hypertension: Doctors could soon be prescribing a dose of dark chocolate to help people with hypertension, according to a new research. Scientists at an Australian University, combined the results of 15 studies into the effects of flavanols, the compounds in chocolate, which cause dilation of blood vessels, on blood pressure.

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They found that consumption can significantly, albeit modestly, reduce blood pressure for people with high blood pressure but not for people with normal blood pressure.

Dark chocolate eases symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:

Dark chocolate is rich in chemicals known to increase signals carried around the brain but this is thought to be the first time the connection has been found to help symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue is a condition which is characterized by extreme, persistent fatigue for six months or more with other problems as muscle pain, headaches and poor memory.

Patients, who suffered from a severe form the disease were given dark chocolate for eight weeks, followed by a break and then another variety with little cocoa but which tasted the same. They were asked to eat 15 grams three times a day and not make any other changes to their diet. They reported significant improvement in their well-being. The study was conducted at a reputed UK university.

Dark chocolate may protect against sunburn

A study conducted by scientists in Germany and Britain discovered that eating dark chocolate not only satisfies sweet tooth cravings but protects against sunburn as well.

They found that chemicals in chocolate called polyphenols increase blood flow close to the skin, which helps protect against ultraviolet rays, but those studies were too small in scale to be conclusive.

Dark chocolate is good for your heart

Health experts from a UK university feel the most painless path to better cardiovascular health is one that comes all-too-naturally to many people: eating chocolate.

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They found that the highest level of chocolate intake was associated with a 37 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease, and a 20 percent drop in strokes, when compared with the chocolate-averse cohort.

Some researchers found that chocolate contains more antioxidants (polyphenols and flavanols) than fruit juice. They found that the chocolate trumped the juice with more antioxidant capacity, and a greater total flavanol content.

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