DASH diet

DASH Diet: Declaring War On High Blood Pressure.

Eli Ben-Yehuda

Written by Eli Ben-Yehuda

On December 6, 2016

DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This is exciting because it takes us from victim-hood to warrior. Taking us from, “I am doomed” to “I can beat this.” The truth is we do not need to take high blood pressure lying down. One of the ways we can take control is DASH. DASH is a lifelong approach to eating, ensuring that we get the nutrition we need and losing the weight that we do not.


According to the “Mayo Clinic”, by following DASH, we can lower our systolic pressure as much as 8-14 points. Those points add up if you have HBP or Pre-HBP. This is the difference between being on medication or not. SO what does it entail? DASH is a lifestyle change that emphasizes vegetables, fruit, low fat dairy, and moderate amounts of whole grains, fish, meat, chicken, and nuts.


There are 2 versions of DASH. The Standard DASH regimen which allows for 2,300 mg of sodium daily and the Low Salt DASH regimen which allows 1,500 mg of sodium daily.


Changing your lifestyle isn’t always easy  so you want to remember these 4 simple rules.


  1. Change Gradually. If you’re only used to eating 1 serving of vegetables daily try adding a serving at lunch or dinner time.
  2. Reward successes and forgive slip-ups. Rewards should always be non-food items, even though rewarding yourself with chocolate sounds good. If you slip up, and we all do, find out what was your trigger and move on.
  3. Get Physical. Add physical activity to your new lifestyle. Whether it is walking, swimming, playing golf, or tennis find something you really enjoy and start doing it.
  4. Get Support. Again remember, change takes time. Speak with your physician or make an appointment with a dietitian, or join an online support group.

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