Postpartum anxiety and high Blood Pressure

In her latest blog post on Psychology Today, psychologist Susan Heitler discusses the relationship between anxiety and stress and the natural ways to decrease both…

Dr. Heitler asks interesting questions such as which causes which? and can treatments for one help with the other?

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The results of her research are mixed and so the answers to these questions

She says that while anxiety does not cause a chronic rise in blood pressure, anxiety can create temporary blood pressure spikes, and if these spikes occur often, they may damage your blood vessels, heart and kidneys just like chronic high blood pressure would.

In addition, some treatments for anxiety (anti-depressant medications like SNRI’s) can increase BP, while some blood pressure treatments mention anxiety as a side effect.

The good news are that non-drug treatments for high blood pressure tend to lower anxiety as well

Some of these natural treatments include: Yoga, Physical exercise, Sex and exposure to sun light.

Dr. Susan has provided us with much food for thought. There are so many alternative ways that we can reduce anxiety, stress, and high blood pressure. To check out her latest book, “Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety, and More” Click Here.

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