Written by:Eli Ben-Yehuda, December 5, 2018

Guava could help to boost your chances of avoiding high blood pressure, according to physician Dr. David Williams.

Eating the fruit every day before a meal could lower blood pressure by 8/9 mmHg, he said.

“If you have high blood pressure, your diet is one of the primary ways by which you can lower your blood pressure numbers without medication,” said Williams. “Combined with appropriate lifestyle changes and targeted nutritional support, changing your diet can not only reduce your blood pressure numbers but significantly improve your overall cardiovascular health.

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“When I was in Cuba, oftentimes my meals would end with the fruit of the guava tree. “It may well be that ‘a guava a day also keeps the doctor away’. “The availability of guava appears to be its only drawback.

Ask at your local health food store or supermarket if you can purchase them in your area.”Adding more guava to your diet could also help to prevent diabetes, it’s been claimed. It works by lowering blood sugar levels, while also reducing insulin resistance.

The fruit could also help to keep the heart healthy in a number of different ways. It reduces the amount of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in the body and boosts the amount of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.

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