Written by:Eli Ben-Yehuda, February 11, 2019

Many of us are looking for ways to fall asleep without having to resort to medications. The morning fogginess of some sleep aids leaves us walking around in a stupor until mid-morning and no one likes that feeling. So here are a few natural recipes you can try to ensure a better night sleep for you and your loved ones.

Tart Cherry Juice & Vanilla:
 Tart cherries are rich in melatonin the hormone responsible for helping you get a great night sleeps. Melatonin helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle in the human body. Vanilla is a great relaxing aromatherapy that will help you relax before bedtime. In the morning pour yourself about 5-8 ounces of tart cherry juice and drink it in its entirety. At night 1 hour to half an hour before bed repeat, adding a drop or 2 of vanilla if you desire.

Fresh Brewed Chamomile & Lavender Tea:
In research chamomile has been shown to produce a mild sedative effective much life the drug Xanax. As it binds to the GABA receptors in the brain it helps the body to relax and enter a calming state. For centuries it has been known that lavender does indeed have relaxing properties. Recent studies have shown that just the smelling of lavender causes a change in brain wave patterns that induce a relaxing state.

Warm Milk:
So drinking warm milk is not an old wives tale. Warm milk contains the chemical tryptophan. Your body uses tryptophan to produce 5-HTP, a compound which is then used to manufacture serotonin and melatonin, two important mood and sleep-regulating neurotransmitters. This, in turn, produces a calm and relaxed state.

Spiced Ayurvedic Sleepytime Milk:
If you haven’t yet hopped on board the turmeric train, your sleep-deprived state might give you a good reason to start (with this dairy-free drink). Thanks to a combination of anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, it’s been shown to help with anxiety and promote better sleep. This is just further proof that the golden root is worth

Lavender Bedtime Milk:
If you’re the evening-workout type, end your night with a warm cup of this. Not only do the vanilla, honey, and lavender make it super soothing, but the serotonin and healthy fats in the walnuts simultaneously replenish tired muscles while encouraging better sleep.

Hemp Peppermint Hot Chocolate:
A hot, chocolaty cup of cocoa is comforting enough, but a few extra ingredients make it over-the-top cozy. With soothing peppermint oil, healthy fats from the cashew butter, and zero added sugar, it sets you up for a relaxing treat followed by an uninterrupted night of sweet dreams.

Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Bedtime Drink:
Unlike 99.9 percent of pumpkin-spiced beverages in the world, this one actually has pumpkin in it—win! A few tablespoons of the puréed veggie go into the lightly sweetened, cinnamon-dusted steamer, which is also caffeine-free so that you’re not bouncing off the walls at midnight.

So try any one of these drinks before bedtime tonight and get a great nights sleep. None of these drinks contain any alcohol or medications to help you relax. All 100% natural with no side effects.

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